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Rambl is a platform that analyzes sales calls to boost sales.

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We've been using Rambl for the last month here at Olark. We primarily use it to record and transcribe audio from Zoom demos, and then log that activity directly to a HubSpot contact record. Pros: - we have a running record of our calls that the entire team has visibility on - the ability to continue using Zoom - filtering notes and action items is easier, and we're not so jammed up during the demo trying to take our own notes - team is constantly reminded to discuss budget, timing, and authority with prospects - team can see if they're dominating the conversation in sales calls - can track mentions of other platforms and see if an integration or a competitor is getting called out often - dial-in functionality for zoom calls is pretty seamless - their support team is on point, and updating the platform weekly right now - some cool features in the platform now that let you dial a contact from anywhere on the screen Cons: - the call transcription isn't 100% accurate. i mean, it's unrealistic to think it would be, but it's still interesting to see what it captures and interprets. mostly it's a guide for someone to use as a reference after the call - starting a zoom, and then calling in from Rambl means there are two lines connected for one person. not a huge con, but if you have OCD about how you appear on a demo, could be an issue. All-in-all we've been very happy with the platform. Kudos Mitch, Bill, and team!
@karl_pawlewicz Thanks for the feedback! Yes - our focus is on getting you better insight on qualifications. I think you're going to dig the playbook customization that we'll walk you through tomorrow!
Interesting value proposition here. How does Rambl make sales call more effective @mcoopet?
@abadesi Rambl is an intelligent phone system designed for inside sales and growth. SDR / BDR / top of funnel reps call using Rambl via web, mobile or chrome extension app. (no other phone system required). Rambl analyzes the calls for sales qualification criteria and scores each call so reps / managers can see at a glance which calls are qualified and why. Rambl is integrated into Salesforce and Hubspot CRM and logs all call data for zero friction calling workflow. Finally, product and marketing can search and monitor all sales calls for keywords and alerts to learn what potential customers are saying.
Really excited about what Mitch and team are creating. Canโ€™t wait to see orgs incorporate this into their sales process!
@clarence_bethea thanks for the support, we're looking to transform sales calls into a strategic growth data source for companies!