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Burak Emre Kabakcı
@buremba · Data enthusiast
Hi Product Hunt! Great to be here. Thank you Ahmet, for the hunt. Rakam is a custom analytics platform that lets companies to create their custom analytics services without coding. You can basically build your data lake with Rakam, just integrate it with your website, mobile app via SDKs, your database and third party services and then you can create custom… See more
Mert Erbil
@merbil · semi-technic product developer
Hello guys, Rakam seems quite nice, great work. I've been using Mixpanel in my last job. Can you give some details about the differences between Mixpanel and Rakam?
Emre Semercioğlu
@emresemercioglu · Co-Founder @Localguddy
Awesome Burak, we will try to use rakam in our platform
Selcuk Kiziltug
As a digital marketer, I'm wondering if Rakam is useful for us? Can we use it for our digital marketing analysis?
Akın Acar
@akinacr · @shippn
Great work! We will definitely try it!