A platform for ALL your company’s data.

rakam is a unified analytics platform that lets companies to analyse all of their company data.

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Hi Product Hunt! Great to be here. Thank you Ahmet, for the hunt. Rakam is a custom analytics platform that lets companies to create their custom analytics services without coding. You can basically build your data lake with Rakam, just integrate it with your website, mobile app via SDKs, your database and third party services and then you can create custom reports, dashboards similar to other analytics services. We're currently in beta, if you have any feedbacks, that would be great for us! Also if you're a developer, Rakam is open-source, you can check-out it here: https://github.com/rakam-io/rakam
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@buremba I'm one of the clients of Rakam.io - can definetly recommend for companies who care about analyzing data in a customized way and create meaningful insights. Go #rakam
Hello guys, Rakam seems quite nice, great work. I've been using Mixpanel in my last job. Can you give some details about the differences between Mixpanel and Rakam?
@merbil Great question indeed Mert. Probably Emre will give an answer however would love to share our blog link as well: https://blog.rakam.io/comparison...
Hey, @merbil great question! Mixpanel is an event analytics solution that collects events from your websites and mobile applications. Similar to Mixpanel, we have SDKs for these platforms and also have funnels, cohorts, segmentation, attribution analytics features. However we focus on the data analytics part and allow you to integrate your databases and third party services (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Pipedrive, Intercom etc.), import offline CSV and JSON files etc. Then, you can execute SQL queries on your data-sets, create custom reports and dashboards similar to pre-defined reports in Google Analytics share them with your team. It's more a data lake solution compared to Mixpanel. A better alternative is Segment.io + Data warehouse + BI solution. Also, our system is designed for big-data and we have on-premise solution which is quite cheap and flexible compared to these analytics solutions. In fact, our main competitor is the in-house analytics solutions, we don't want companies to spend their time developing their data pipeline and build their own solutions. We currently have customers that collect >1B events monthly.
@buremba @nkirkan thanks for the answers guys, I am convinced :) I'll definitely let my team know about you guys. Keep up the good work!
Awesome Burak, we will try to use rakam in our platform
As a digital marketer, I'm wondering if Rakam is useful for us? Can we use it for our digital marketing analysis?
@selcukkiziltug Hey Selcuk. Great to see some turkish people around here and interested with rakam. Yes, as an old digital marketer exactly. You might check it out our pre-built analytics platform. http://rakam.io/product/prebuilt
@nkirkan thanks Nurkan. I'll try it!
Great work! We will definitely try it!