A current and comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs, with technical detail, practical knowledge, real-world scenarios, and pitfalls to avoid.
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👋 Hi hunters! Anyone aspiring to build a company should have access to the experiences and knowledge of those who have gone before. We researched over 750 pieces of source material, and worked with 40+ contributors—founders, investors, and startup lawyers—to build a practical Guide that helps founders approach the process of early-stage venture funding with confidence. Inside the Guide, you'll find 15 in-depth sections (and three appendices), each written to be read in under two hours, over lunch breaks and in-between putting the kids to bed and passing out. Reading on Holloway gives you a distraction-free, interactive format to help you find what you need, when you need it, in your browser. Digital access to a Guide also means access to ongoing new content, curated commentary from experts and readers, and features like search and bookmarks.
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@sparkszilla I'm very excited for this to launch into the startup community. Having been an early reviewer, I can say it's the most comprehensive guide to raising VC funding for startups. It's a one-stop guide for expert advice. I personally appreciate your hard work and Holloway's alignment with helping startups grow.
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@sparkszilla This is so awesome, the UX reading experience is the best I've seen on the web!! Would love to hear a little more about the content updates process. How often is it updated and how ar reader suggestions / questions incorporated into future versions?
@sparkszilla Awesome, Thanks for the ProductHunt reader Discount. Just bought it, looking forward to set some time this weekend!.
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I've been a beta user of this guide for a few months now, and it was an incredible asset for our most recent fundraise for Journal. As many of you know, fundraising can be an incredibly stressful and obfuscated process. This guide prepares you to put your best foot forward when talking to investors. It helps you understand their motivations and how you can best appeal to them, while also setting you up to run a focused, dense process. Highly recommended for any founder of a startup looking for VC funding. And for employees of early stage startups too. Great job @sparkszilla and the rest of the team!
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@samiur1204 Thanks, Samiur! So glad to hear the Guide has been helpful.
Wow, this content and reading experience looks amazing. I have not had the chance to delve into this Holloway guide, but I really appreciate the motivation to make this kind of knowledge accessible to startup communities where this information may be harder to come by. Well done!
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@nicaguilar Thanks, Nico! This will be the first of many, so we're excited to publish more.
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@nicaguilar Thank you, Nico! This is an amazing message! We really hope you enjoy the content and the experience. Please let us know if you have any questions!
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The Holloway team is amazing and @sparkszilla is a true mensch. Whenever people ask me for advice on equity I point them to Holloway’s guide - excited to be able to point current and future On Deck Fellowship founders to this new guide on raising VC.
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@julianweisser Thank you, Julian 😊. If anyone wants to check out the Guide Julian mentioned, you can see it here (and it's entirely free): https://www.holloway.com/g/equit...
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Thank you, Julian! Glad the equity Guide has been helpful.
This is an incredible guide that I learned about by adding my .02 along the way - the amount of information compiled and the team behind it are amazing.
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@ericfriedman Thank you, Eric! Your feedback was a big help as we created this.
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