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Hi Product Hunt! I’m Brock, the designer of Rageaholic - available on iOS and Android. Some quick context for non-Australians: On the air since 1987, Rage is one of the most loved TV shows in Australia. Each week, famous artists stop by the studio to guest program their favourite music videos. The show also features the Australian top 40 chart. I guess you could say it’s similar to classic MTV. We’re huge fans of Rage and also love going down the musical rabbit hole on YouTube. We thought having all these amazing playlists in one place and making it easy to jump to a random date would be super fun and nostalgic. The app contains over 200,000 music videos and about 2,000 playlists. With Rageaholic you can: - Browse any playlist from 1998 to 2017 - Watch your favourite videos via YouTube - Search for a guest programmer - Watch on your TV via Chromecast - Listen to the music with your phone locked Rageaholic is free and there’s no ads. Australians are going crazy for this app, so we thought it was time the rest of the world raged along with us. Have fun!
Old school MTV in your pocket 📺🎶
@rrhoover Yep, that's it! Do you feel like Americans of the MTV generation would get excited by a product like Rageaholic, but for old school MTV? I read that the show has received a lot of criticism for its change of focus...
Wow, cool! How often updates?
@dailius_j Thanks! We're putting out an update every couple of weeks at the moment!