Radio Silence

Monitor & block apps that make unwanted network connections.

#2 Product of the DayApril 23, 2016
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I really love the logo! Very clever!
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The goodlooking cheaper cousin of Little Snitch and Hands Off! that compensates the lack of power-user features with its ease of use.
Here is an idea: Instead of blocking all the requests an app makes only block the questionable ones. Do so by providing pre-defined rules people can activate. Defining rules per app can be time consuming so there could be a repo where people share the rules, similar to how Alfred's workflows are shared. This way Radio Silence can be used with online & offline apps.
@roadtoaether Great idea. There is an insane amount of calls made per app. Even OSX it self calls home more than I like to think about. If you cancel the wrong call your OS start to miss-behave etc. A public blocklist would be awesome! Although it wouldn't be as simple as blocking an web-ad or a torrent-peer. As it could cause systems to start crashing.
@eonpilot exactly. For example in Todoist I block everything but the 2 requests that keep the app functional:
@roadtoaether These kinds of calls should be opt-in if you ask me. :D
Love the name.
Nothing for windows, eh