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Jose Casanova
@jcsnv · <3 APIs and IPAs
This looks great! For someone that streams 99% of my music, is there Spotify integration? BTW: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CHAf...
Mike Cunsolo
@mrcunsolo · Marketing @ Igniso
Radio.co is a project we have been working on for about the last year or so. Our aim is to make broadcasting as easy as possible for people. It's built using a combination of Backbone on the front end, PHP on the back end and Node to manage the servers.
Sebastien Barrau
@sebastienb · Co-founder, htmlsig and passpass
Hi Guys, great product, one thing I would love to see is the ability for listeners to rate the current playing track.
Dilyar Askar
@dilyaraskar · Canadian Entrepreneur pioneering;
I had used Wavestreaming for about 2 years (Moved away from it last year, I remember working with Jamie to solve them.) and as exciting as it was getting started with it, it quickly failed to meet some of my basic demands. It would have been awesome to have more flexible plans for it, more powerful integrations and smoother connectivity. I have not been able… See more
Michael Ramirez
@shoeboxdnb · LabelGrid / Promo.ly / DNBRadio
I've been in the Shoutcasting space since the beginning and I love the presentation of your product and the ease of entry it makes for just anyone. Can you share some info about the underlying libs you are using to manage the endpoints and also the analytics side? How has your growth been? The price point seems to be pretty fair too. Good job! :)