A new way to meet people. #ItsNotTinderForFestivals

Radiate connects people around the music festivals & events they attend - but it's not a dating app. We have over 120 festivals on Radiate, each with their own forum, swipe stack, and group chats where attendees can meet each other.
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Love this app. It’s made my festival experiences so much better, especially as someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends that like going to festivals. Now I h e a whole new friend group that I made from using Radiate. It’s been awesome being part of the Radiate community and way more people need to hear about it!


Connect with likeminded people Make festival buddies Festivals are more fun with friends! Great UX/UI Have made lasting friendships


None that I can think of

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Hey everyone, and thanks for hunting us Chris! Michael and I have been a fan of the PH community for awhile, and we’re excited to finally have something of our own being shared on here! We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback, and will be around today to answer any questions 🙂 Origin story below: For the most part, we came up with the idea for Radiate after we had a conversation about why it was so much harder to meet new people after graduating from college/leaving the school system in general. After some brainstorming, we came up with the theory that school provides a window of opportunity where special rules around social interactions apply. For instance, remember how normal it was for someone to sit down next to you in class and start a conversation? This behavior is not the norm on an NYC subway or an SF street corner - but why not? What we realized was social inhibitions tend to dissipate when people enter a new shared environment where they experience similar things. Think of the interactions between young adults staying at the same hostel while traveling abroad, people on the same cruise, attendees at a music festival, and so on. The thing about these shared experiences is many are too short to give the same volume of happenstance connections that going to college can provide. That’s why we built Radiate. We figured if we could take shared experiences, and give people more opportunities to connect around them, we’d be able to create a unique environment where social inhibitions dissipate, helping people connect with each other more often around the shared experiences they love 🥳 We’ve made over 4 million connections to date based on the above and it’d be helpful if you let us know what you think of what we’ve built, and what other types of experiences you think people could connect around!
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Not just for meeting at a festival, but I went from living in New York to living in Kansas and then Kentucky. It’s a great way to find people you can connect with on more than a surface level when feeling uneasy about a new place.


I’ve met some of my best friends using this app. It’s a great way to connect and find people nearby with similar interests.


Nothing, I’ve had a great experience.

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This app works it’s wonders and forever thankful for the things it’s done to my life. I’m forever grateful to be a part of this community and it’s amazing people in it ♥️


This community is nothing but positive and I’ve always seen people trying to be there for those that need a little uplifting.


Not a single negative thing that I’m able to think of

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I truly love Radiate. From connecting with strangers to making new friends to meeting up with like minded people for festivals and shows. Radiate has truly reshaped the way meeting new people can be. I have met truly amazing people through this app, people that have become my close friends today!
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@felix_gonzalez Thanks for being part of the community and helping make it what it is today! <3
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