Collaborative real-time radio w/ friends (Turntable.fm RIP)

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Thanks @rrhoover! We've come full circle. When we were creating turntable.fm we found a very small project someone made that was a minimalist version of listening together. Having worked with the labels, I know the space quite well. I would advise raddio to use youtube or soundcloud (and show the video) so that they don't have to deal with music licensing. Otherwise, since you can pick and hear the songs you want, it's considered on demand, and requires label deals (both very expensive and very time intensive to get).
I was a huge fan of Turntable.fm (cc @billychasen). Raddio is much simplier and a little buggy but it's scratching my itch for social radio. I just created a room. Let's jam.
This is awesome, i wish i came up with this!