The location platform for mobile apps

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Eric Friedman
@ericfriedman · Head of Expa Labs
I am very excited to introduce you to Radar, a location platform for mobile apps. Helping launch Radar today is especially fun because they are a part of the first Expa Labs program, are my former colleagues from Foursquare, and have built an amazing product. Radar helps companies collect, analyze, and act on location data. It seems obvious to teams now to … See more
Adam Besvinick
@besvinick · VC at Anchorage Capital
Awesome stuff here, guys! I can't think of a better suited team to pull this off
Abheyraj Singh
@abbysingh · Co-founder @lisnapp
Hey cool stuff! Building location features is definitely more painful than it needs to be. Congrats on launching this. have you seen HyperTrack.com? how are you guys different?
Jeff Morris Jr.
@jmj · Revenue Products at Tinder
Congrats to Coby and Nick. As others have mentioned, this is an incredible team that's been assembled to pull this off. Excited to see the company grow.
Mada Seghete
@mada299 · Founder, Branch Metrics
Very cool!