Radar is location data infrastructure. You can use Radar SDKs and APIs to add location context to your apps with just a few lines of code.

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I am very excited to introduce you to Radar, a location platform for mobile apps. Helping launch Radar today is especially fun because they are a part of the first Expa Labs program, are my former colleagues from Foursquare, and have built an amazing product. Radar helps companies collect, analyze, and act on location data. It seems obvious to teams now to add an analytics platform to their mobile apps, and the same will become true for location platforms. Radar can help teams build better products and services with location, thereby increasing engagement, increasing revenue, or improving operations. I hope you’ll check it out!
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Thanks, @ericfriedman! Hey, Product Hunt! I'm Nick, one of the co-founders. We're building Radar because, ten years into the smartphone era, it's still way too hard to build products and services with location. We wrote more about this problem and how we're solving it here: https://blog.onradar.com/introdu... We'd love to hear your feedback and answer your questions!
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@ericfriedman This looks really cool! Are there any plans on supporting Progressive Web Apps?
@thehashrocket Thanks! @kunalslab asked the same question below, so I'll share the same response: We're focused on native mobile apps for now, since that's where we see the biggest pain and the biggest opportunity to start. But Radar could in theory ingest and make sense of any locations sent to our API, whether from our native mobile SDKs or from a web JavaScript library, from historical data, or from other types of devices.
@nickpatrick @ericfriedman very proud of you Nick
@ericfriedman it would be great to also support a react-native sdk, given the huge size of the community of devs in this ecosystem.
Awesome stuff here, guys! I can't think of a better suited team to pull this off
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@besvinick Thanks, Adam!
Hey cool stuff! Building location features is definitely more painful than it needs to be. Congrats on launching this. have you seen HyperTrack.com? how are you guys different?
Congrats to Coby and Nick. As others have mentioned, this is an incredible team that's been assembled to pull this off. Excited to see the company grow.
@jmj Thanks for the continued support, Jeff!
Very cool!
@mada299 Thanks, Mada!