Smart sprinkler controller for iOS and Android

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Have had mine for a week and love it. Want to see reports/history for past watering cycles, but it's early days. Love the ability to selectively turn on/off by zone, and set a watering schedule through an elegant UI. So far, very happy with it.
Alternative tagline: Nest for sprinklers :)
This is how I can finally convince my dad to get an iPhone.
@rklau Looks very similar to Greenbox : http://www.greenboxhq.com/ (I'm one of their investor). Google Ventures interested to invest in this space?
@jberrebi Not a space that GV is investing in AFAIK (though I should note I'm not on the investing team, I'm on the operations side of things here). Good to know about Greenbox - this is a space begging for a focus on design & usability.
Have it and love it. I built a drip irrigation system for my kitchen garden and this is essential for automating watering/reducing work!