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Hello Everyone, I'm happy to share the latest creation from Wattpad Labs. Raccoon is an app for real stories told in 60 seconds. There are many video story products on the market, but we wanted to create one where people can tell interesting stories from their lives. I hope the PH community will check it out and give us your feedback!
While still focused on storytelling, this is a pretty big shift from Wattpad's focus on books and written content. Curious to learn more about the backstory of how this came to be, @ivan_yuen.
@rrhoover Hi, Ryan! We started by asking the question, "what are the ways people share stories today?" There are many platforms for this, but none has replaced the intimate nature of in-person storytelling. We wanted to recreate that feeling of an intimate conversation, where people are sharing their experiences around a topic. So even though you may be meeting someone for the first time, there is a connection around the topic which lets you be your authentic self. We want to deliver all kinds of storytelling, watch for more ideas from Wattpad Labs!
I wish it could be associated with Twitter with the Trending topics! And one more thing, to be able to disable auto-play. But I really love the app though ๐Ÿ™, great stories from anyone.