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This has similarities to Point, currently the third most upvoted product on PH, but more focused on annotating websites. The execution looks great at first sight but we've seen several tools like this in the past. Why have others failed to get much traction and why do you think Qwote's different, @GabSzanto?
Thanks @rrhoover :-) Let me try to give some answers 1) Why did others failed to get much traction? As with many things in life, timing is key. Most of these tools were probably launched either too early (some even 4 years ago...) when the use of extensions wasn't that widespread or very rudimentary. Some probably just didn't have the right communication channels or platforms to promote their service or product to the right audience (just thinking of PH here ;). Sharing everything and anything online is massively adopted and as people are more used to, they are also keen to find out more elaborate ways to do it. There is also an underlying growth strategy here. We took a bold approach and decided to ask users to download Qwote to share or view highlighted content. We could have just used iframes or other options and let anyone view highlighted content on mobile or other browsers... But as we are building up a community, "forcing" users to install our extension is our best bet at getting some rapid viral traction. Our users become our advocates for the service :) 2) So what is so different about Qwote? We have worked hard to try to simplify the sharing/highlighting process as much as we could and still make it relevant and personalised: - Each Qwote redirects precisely to the content you highlighted on the page - unlike most of the other sharing or highlighting services available out there. That's probably the most important differentiator. As someone told us "it makes it so much easier to be clear about what you are referring to." And also relevant! - Your Qwotes will have a unique URL with your username in it. Sharing then becomes more personal but also helps you build trust and credibility with your readers. - Each link shared with non-users will show your profile picture. People then know they can trust the source of the link... It's not some stupid anonymous shortened link or spam. - It's fun. You can pick a different color for each of your Qwotes. - But it can be a bit serious too as you can get some stats on your links and access a still rudimentary dashboard of your last activity. ... That's just an overview of the current beta version... We have many more ideas for the service but need your feedback to help us focus on what really matters :-)
What I really like about this is that if I share a "qwote" with someone they don't need to be using Qwote as well.
We created Qwote because we were frustrated with the tools available to share content online. I mean why do we need to share entire pages when oftentimes, only fractions of them are actually interesting or even relevant to share? There is currently no simple way to share whatever you want from a web page. And also no simple way to redirect your readers exactly where you want on a page. Qwote aims to solve this pain. It’s a handy new Chrome extension - currently in beta - that allows you to share and highlight all the things you love on the Web (text, images or videos). We are excited to give Product Hunters an early access today. Please let us know what you think!
@GabSzanto How do you think Qwote can differentiate itself from something like archive.today? With archive.today, you can do something like this: https://archive.today/SGCaa#sele.... I can certainly see myself using Qwote a lot, however, one problem I can imagine is that if a page that I Qwoted goes down, then if someone clicks the link, they won't be able to get the information that I highlighted. Do you have any plans to tackle that problem? One problem I've encountered on Chrome is that the extension is causing Chrome to crash. Tried with and without the extension enabled to verify.
Hi @AsadDhamani Great question, thanks. Well, we don't have a backup tool for broken links yet. So archive.today could be one of them, thanks :) As for the positioning, we think that there are many great services out there that let's you save/pin/fav the things you love on the Web. We just didn't want to build another one. Qwote is more about sharing with relevance than bookmarking or archiving. The tools available to share haven't really evolved in years and I desperately needed a tool to help me be more precise. Hope it answers your question?
@GabSzanto Having used it for a few hours today, I am finding it frustrating that the Qwote icon appears in images, as opposed to appearing off to the upper/lower left/right corner à la ballloon.com. Makes some buttons difficult to click with the icon in the way.
Hi @JadoJodo, thanks for the feedback! We will tweak it to ensure it doesn't interrupt your surfing experience. You can still switch off the button (go to the Qwote icon on the top right hand corner of your browser bar and click on "Show the Qwote button" from the pop up that appears). You'll be able to select any content simply by right-clicking with your mouse... and without the button around. Hope it helps.
@gabszanto I installed Qwote and noticed the same icon as I hover over layout elements while building a Wordpress page. Thanks for the option to disable the icon + the exclusive!
@stttories You're welcome. Thanks for using it!
Fetchnotes does this too :) @alexschiff