An iOS keyboard that speeds up emoji typing

Hey Product Hunters, I'm one of the developers of this app. I'm happy to answer any questions, and would love feedback. We've also made 100 promo codes so the Product Hunt community can try it out for free: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh... Apple doesn't allow more than 100 - so first come, first served - and please mark the code you use as "used" in the Google Spreadsheet above.
@edmoyse Thanks! Unfortunately I can't leave a review since I used a code to get the app, but I'll try to get some friends to get it and review—I'm digging it so far!
My cofounder Harry has written a great blog post on the makings of an iOS 8 keyboard... not as easy as you'd think! http://hyharryhuang.com/2015/01/...
We've seen a ton of emoji-based iOS keyboards lately (see this collection). It's hard to tell what's going on in this video but it does make typing somehow look fun. 😄
@rrhoover that's what we were going for with the video... and for something more informative, our App Store listing includes screenshots and an explainer video. Essentially it's swipe to navigate between text/numbers/emojis
@micrv Ha! 🆕🍏📱
Despite being made by a UK team, this isn't available on the UK app store. I vote @rrhoover gives it a go!
@riaface it should be... https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/... Let me know if you have any problems though - I'll investigate...
@edmoyse Thanks Ed! I was just going off the link on your homepage - got the non-UK error message when it took me through to the store. The above link worked fine :)
@riaface ok - thanks. I get redirected to the UK store successfully, so I'll try to find out why it wasn't working for you :s
@riaface @edmoyse It says updated Jan 19th, is it brand new to the store? I've experienced apps taking ~24 hours to propagate to all the available stores (maybe even longer for international?)—usually a direct link works pretty soon after it's available but search is slow.
@riaface @willimholte yep, brand new - so that could be the issue...