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#3 Product of the DayJune 14, 2019
Qurb lets you generate mockup for iPhone X/XS/Max, iPad, MacBook and other devices quickly. Just select the device, add your screenshot and save the mockup. All the devices are designed in CSS. Also when you add your screenshot, it's not uploaded anywhere.
Mrigank Pawagi
Fazal Rehman
Claudio Bonifazi
  • Mrigank Pawagi
    Mrigank PawagiFounder, SocialME

    Free Quick Quite Realistic Apple Devices


    Limited Customizations Only a single android device Android device isn't very realistic

    Hope to see updates to this!

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Absolutely beautiful. Would love to see video support. Great work!
@jankremin Thanks Jan :)
Really streamlined tool for generating quick assets 👍
Works like a charm. Thank you @qaplen!
@thisiskp_ Hope it'll be useful!
Great work!!
Its a good idea, a few extra features like position/resize uploaded screenshot would make it killer. Also drag/drop to upload.
@mikaelvinding Thanks for the feedback