Quora Domination

Interviews w/ Quora's top writers on how to get 1M+ views

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Hey guys - sorry CRAZY morning. Thanks for featuring our book. Really appreciate it. So here's the back story for myself...I started using Quora back in 2010 I think and just basically signed up for it and forgot about it. Like most everyone else did I think. Fast forward to May 2015 and I was using the platform to do a lot of the research for my Vegan book to figure out what people were asking about Veganism. I started reading other peoples answers and figured I could provide some insights. So I started posting daily with 1-2 answers - I put it in my mind to do this for 30 days straight and see what came out of it. Then my first post went viral - 80,000 views later and my post that took me 30 minutes to put together was featured in the Quora Daily Digest that went out to 166,000 people. Amazing. At this point - I contacted my co-author Kevin - "I'm like this platform is amazing, why aren't more people using this" and he said "Yea, we should write a book about it". Or something like that with the roles switched around. Either way, we got started on the book. And I kept writing answers. My next viral post hit and currently sits at 535,000 views only a little over 2 weeks since I wrote it. It was sent twice in the Quora Daily Digest - the second time to 2,001,000+ people. And for the book, we started talking to people like Nicolas Cole, Charles Tips, Brandon Lee, Tony Stubblebine (CEO of Coach.me), Dushka Zapata, Jordan Phoenix and a few other Top Writers. We found that this was the NORM and that almost all top writers had millions of views and are routinely approached by Forbes, TIME, Inc., Huffington Post and other media companies to publish their works verbatim to their platforms. Nicolas alone built his entire brand off of Quora - one answer of his reached 1M views and was featured on Reddit. Then the media companies came and he's been featured in everything. He also sold $1000 worth of ebooks within 24 hours of their launch. All with the help of Quora and his story/interview is in the book. So yea, basically Quora is f***ing awesome and we show you exactly what the top writers are doing to stand out in the book. The book is full of interviews, stories, and tips to get a head on the platform. I used a lot of the ideas from top writers and now only a few months after I picked Quora back up, I am about to break 1,000,000 views across 200 or so answers. So check it out - hope you guys like it.
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@imrane love how organic it was. Also love that top media co's are reaching out to Top Writers as a norm. Pretty Bitchin'.
@muller_adam thanks for the hunt! @bentossell thanks for mentioning us as well. To add on to @imrane, Quora's been personally influential in both of our lives. For myself, Quora actually changed my entire life trajectory (https://www.quora.com/Has-Quora-...) and helped me change career paths / build my brand and website / meet some amazing Top Writers who I've become great friends with. As Imran mentioned, I actually met him through a Quora message and we managed to co-author this book despite living in different time zones and never having met in person. Imran's been a productivity consultant / coach and has written extensively about the importance of habits (https://www.quora.com/What-are-1...). Apart from the amazing benefits Quora has already provided (that he mentioned above), Quora's helped us both develop consistent writing habits, which we've found from our interviews to be a key theme amongst almost all Quora Top Writers. Given the huge influence Quora has had on both of our lives, we wanted to share insights into how other Top Writers were dominating Quora by getting millions of views on their answers, building their brands, and getting published in major media. We're gearing up for launch soon so we're excited to be on Product Hunt and hope everyone enjoys the book when it comes out!
@kevinleeme You're welcome! Pretty amazing to hear the influence Quora can have on your life trajectory. Also interesting how the platform has provided ways for writers (or those who want to write) to develop the habit. I've heard that from a few Top Writers as well. I actually came across the book b/c I follow Ellen Vrana's writing (fantastic writer, will she be featured in the book?) and she upvoted one of Imran's answers. Thought community here at PH would dig it. Looks like it. :) It seems like the quality of the Quora audience and the chances of influencing that audience if one is willing to put in the time, makes it a unique and valuable platform. Love that you guys are highlighting that!
So, @kevinleeme @imrane what was the spark that started Quora Domination?
I wonder if @kevinleeme and @imrane will be so kind to shed light on this :)
This is an awesome idea for a book! Congrats @kevinleeme