3 Million Users, 3 Weeks. A trivia app.

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So, I didn't see this earlier so I thought I'd talk about a bit here. I'm not into trivia as much as some other people I know, but I downloaded this app to understand the appeal and virality. Off the bat, here's what I noticed: - It's insanely simple to use and get the hang of. - They've conveyed all of the complexity of the real-time, multiplayer components of the game in some very elegant, simple ways. They're both intuitive and consistent throughout the game, so once the user has played a game, there's no more learning or onboarding necessary. - Great use of subtle animation throughout the app, even during the very first app launch and sign up - There's actually people to play with, no cold start problem. - Winning in the app is a delightful experience, but more importantly, addictive. - The app seems full featured, maybe a bit "too" featured. I don't really understand the need for the "Discussions" feature. - Users can choose the topic that they want to compete in, and since there are enough players in all of the topic areas, that's still ok (You won't find me challenging you to a sports trivia match :)
I've intentionally avoided QuizUp... I'm afraid of what it might do to me. :) @semil has some good analysis of QuizUp: http://techcrunch.com/2013/11/24... The BIG challenge in gaming is the need to constantly innovate and create new content. Only in very rare cases do mobile game players stick around longer than a few months. This is why cross-promotion and portfolio-building is critical to sustainable success but even then, it's very difficult to achieve long-term.
I like the way they tested their product with specific niche apps (eg. I was playing Bball Quizup months ago)
They had some serious privacy concerns, but it is an incredibly addictive app.
so addicting i had to uninstall =(