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Quit smoking with personalised and proven therapy 🚭

Quit Genius delivers personalised cognitive behavioural therapy that's scientifically proven to help people quit smoking, for good. The therapy is delivered through fun, gamified, bite-sized pieces of content such as video clips, audio sessions, interactive exercises and mindfulness sessions.

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A big hello to everyone in the Product Hunt community! I’m Maroof and I am one of the makers of Quit Genius and I’m a doctor by background (just graduated 6 months ago πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸ˜Š). As a medical student, I saw first-hand just how big an impact smoking has on the lives of my patients and sadly I had two close relatives who suffered the ultimate consequence of smoking. After finding, out that 70% of smokers actively want to quit but only 3% are actually successful, I got together with my two best friends (who were also at my medical school) and decided to put on hold our clinical careers to build a solution for the billion smokers worldwide I am over the moon to announce that after almost two years of hard work and research Quit Genius is now available on iOS and Android! It is like Headspace for quitting smoking and delivers personalized behavioural therapy that is scientifically proven to work to smokers trying to quit. The therapy is delivered in fun, bite-sized steps consisting of animated video clips, audio sessions, interactive exercises, quizzes and mindfulness sessions and is made engaging by gamifying the user’s quitting journey. Our mission is provide a scalable solution that can have a positive impact on the lives and families of millions of smokers around the world who are struggling to kick the habit. In fact, we joined medical school to have an impact on the lives of thousands and we left to make an impact on the lives of millions. We have a vision to create a personalised virtual therapy platform that will not just help people quit smoking, but also manage their mental health and live healthier, happier and longer lives. So if you’re a smoker, or you know a smoker, we would really appreciate to hear your thoughts and answer any questions that you may have :)
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@maroofa1 can you point to some of the scientific research that validates your claim? Was this research done in house or by third parties? Thanks!
@chrismessina Hi Chris many thanks for your message - great question! The programme uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is the most widely studied behavioural therapy to help smokers quit. It was built by doctors, psychologists and also world-leading experts in CBT and mindfulness - see here for the experts involved: http://www.quitgenius.com/story/. Also, the exploratory research behind Quit Genius exploring the gamification was published in the leading peer-reviewed journal for digital medicine JMIR. A study has also recently been conducted by Imperial College Business School where it showed Quit Genius outperforming other smoking cessation apps - this manuscript is due for submission this week. Finally, we have completed successful pilots with the NHS and health insurers in the UK where we showed a quit rate that rivalled face-to-face therapy. A summary of the science behind the programme can also be found here: https://www.quitgenius.com/science/. Hope this answers your question :)
@maroofa1 awesome, thanks. I'm familiar with CBT. Those are some great results so far. 🀞🏻
@chrismessina Many thanks for your kind words Chris :)
Would 100% recommend this app to anyone trying to give up smoking. It's really beautifully designed & super easy to use. As a smoker, I'm pretty sceptical of anything that helps you quit, but I appreciate how Quit Genius tries to change the way you actually think about smoking, as opposed to offering a stop-gap solution.
@ollie_markham Thank you so much for the feedback - really appreciate it. It's awesome to see two years of hard work become a reality and to see real smokers benefitting from it :)
Very well designed app, easy to use and great content. I am a smoker myself and I really like the content - very beneficial!
@adamrabinovitch Thanks Adam - really appreciate it. We developed the content with world leading experts and we use cognitive behavioural therapy which is the gold standard for helping people quit smoking.

So easy to use, dynamic and with an excellent user interface. I'm confident I'll finally be able to quit smoking with this product. I'd recommend to anybody trying to quit smoking.


Easy to use

Not cluttered

Good content


The videos restart themselves when leaving the app and re-entering

Reminds me of Duolingo language learning, but for quitting - really cool way to quit! Maybe this concept can be applied to quitting any habit (like quit their job 😜)
@graeme_fulton Thanks Graeme :) Really kind words and we are glad you liked the interface. Hahaha I actually quit my job as a doctor to do this full time!! We are looking into making quitting apps for other addictions too so watch this space.
@maroofa1 haha so cool, that's a jump from a doctor - congrats on quitting! Well instead of quitting you're doing somehitng new Wow, like the duolingo for quitting, instead of select a language, select a habit - looking forward to what you have planned πŸ˜€
@graeme_fulton Yes exactly!! Imagine signing into @quitgenius and being able to select smoking, alcohol, prescribed opioids the list goes on!
@quitgenius @maroofa1 yeah that's what I was imagining. Addicted to working could be a good one for product hunters πŸ˜‚
@quitgenius @graeme_fulton Hahaha! I think I could do with that too :)