Simplified cognitive behavioral therapy on your phone

Quirk is an open source, slimmed down CBT app for iOS. Unlike other apps, it doesn't force a particular condition on you. It doesn't assume that you're using it particularly for depression, which makes it useful for panic disorder, OCD, weight loss and more.

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Hey folks! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is designed to train you to recognize where your brain is thinking illogically. It's evidence backed and extremely effective at treating many mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, and panic. But it's also quite effective at: * dealing with day to day problems * making effective, rational decisions CBT asks you to buy into the idea that **your thoughts cause your moods,** and not the other way around. If you can believe that, CBT can be extremely effective for you. The process looks like this: 1. Recognize an "automatic thought" that may be causing your brain to work itself up. Like "that presentation went terrible." 2. Note the "cognitive distortions" or other logical errors with that thought. 3. Write out a "challenge" to that thought. Debate it! Really dig into why that doesn't make sense. 4. Write down an "alternative" thought that would be better to think in the future. If you do this enough, you'll train your brain to start thinking your alternative thoughts instead of you (often negative) automatic thoughts. I highly encourage you to try this out, even on paper if you have to. Quirk is just a small tool to help facilitate this. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Feedback is extremely appreciated. If you'd like to follow it's progress, subscribe here: https://timeline.noticeable.io/E...
@flaqueeau quirk looks super-useful!
@shpoont Thanks friend :)
Here's five promo codes to get the app for free: JHPALTNMTPTX FEN3WYT7T6FP E349RJT34644 M3766XEKJLFF NTPNYLKJXRXM
@flaqueeau where do I insert it?
@flaqueeau Saving everyone some time. All the codes have already been redeemed(not by me LOL)
@baidoct I think they're all gone, but for reference, open the app store on your phone, then go to your account, then hit "redeem gift card or code".
What's about Android version? Do you have some plans for it?
@romanv Android version is definitely coming! Just focusing on getting one release out first πŸ˜…
@flaqueeau Please let me know when it's out πŸ˜„
I like the UI very much. I don’t have any use for such an app but it seems like good thing that it does exist.
Thank you for making this Evan. CBT really helped me when a therapist introduced me to it a while back. Hope this gives everyone the opportunity to try it!
@danielkuntz0 thanks! By the way I really love your apps :)
@flaqueeau Thanks! Would love to chat with you if you have the time. Shoot me an email - daniel@kuntz.io
@danielkuntz0 Sentcha an email πŸ‘