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A new-generation collaborative app for innovative teams

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Quire is a modern collaborative app made to help visionary teams with big ideas. Like yours.

We humans have a drive to achieve great things. It is in our bones. And it is what Quire is born for.

Featured as one of the best project management softwares on Inc and Huffington Post.


  • Pros: 

    Quire kills all competitors by the stability, speed, features out the box for free



    If are you looking for todoist or wunderlist alternative (or moo.do, or workflowy) just try quire. Out the box it is offer in several times more features than named above competitors. I'm the old user of named above services, and all of them are nothing if compare to Quire in terms of stability, bugs-free, speed, solving issues. After using for around 1 year desktop app, and for a short period of time mobile version, this is the first app which totally solve manegment issues for me, and for my team with who I work. Its works in offline mod, its super fast, very agile in terms how you can configure your workflow, sort tasks, sort ideas, and so on.

    This is to be clear THE BEST TASK MANAGER EVER BUILT!

    Just try, read first docs, its very easy, all what you should understand or hard point is a structure of the tasks, projects, organizations. Everything else the same like elsewhere. I tried it, and wont switch to any other alternative anymore. And constant todoist issues, bugs, crashes, non-syncing in the past and I remember about it like about bad nightmare.

    Quire team did really quality app.

    Anthony Volien has used this product for one year.


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Crystal ChenMaker@crystalchen · Community Manager, Quire
Hey Product Hunters! An year ago we reached a new milestone with Quire for iOS. Today, we are launching our Android version. Quire works amazingly on Android. For example, you can easily save your ideas and divide them into tasks, subtasks, sub-subtasks, etc., in seconds. Enjoy! 😎 We would appreciate it if you could leave a review too.
Since Flutter is still in Alpha, is it stable?
Tom YehMaker@tomyeh · Founder and CEO at Potix
@suengchen Yes, in general, it is a pleasant experience even better than developing in Swift. The tool is mature and fast. But, sometimes we have to hack the code or do some workaround before Dart team fix the issues -- thank to OSS:) After all, we do have different agenda.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! Will surely check out the iOS version soon 😊
Crystal ChenMaker@crystalchen · Community Manager, Quire
Hi @ayush_chandra We got iOS app as well! 😎 You can check out here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
Sam Rye@samrye_enspiral · Founder
Not meaning to be a killjoy, but what is "new generation" about this?
Crystal ChenMaker@crystalchen · Community Manager, Quire
Hi @samrye_enspiral While most of the tools on the market are too complicated to use, Quire offers a simple, intuitive UI to help teams achieve complex goals. For example, you can take ideas and break them down into subtask, sub-subtasks, sub sub-subtasks and so on - something you don't normally find in others. :)
Sam Rye@samrye_enspiral · Founder
@crystalchen hey Crystal, I don't mean any disrespect, but that's definitely functionality I've seen in many systems before, such as Plectica, Workflowy, Coggle. Do you have any examples of how it's being used on complex goals? Also interested in why this UI, given all the likes of Trello / Todoist etc who are in the same space?
Tom YehMaker@tomyeh · Founder and CEO at Potix
@samrye_enspiral On one hand, mind mapping or outline-like apps are for brainstorming. They are good at breaking down ideas, but, without strong support of chat/tag/due/filtering, it is hard to collaborate with others and track down to execution. On the other hand, todo-list apps are good for execution, but one can easily get lost in execution details. With Quire, we're trying to smooth the process from ideas, to plan, and to execution. With task tree, you can easily break ideas down into a nicely-organized plan like outline-like apps do. With strong chat/tag/due/filtering, you can collaborate with your colleagues tightly throughout the whole execution phase. Without losing the big picture. Of course, it is far from perfection yet. For example, it is still missing Kanban-like feature to let different teams focus on different goals during particular time slots more easily -- something we're working on. To us, Quire itself is not an end, but a process to find the best way help people to convert dreams into goals and to achieve them.
Sam Rye@samrye_enspiral · Founder
@tomyeh thanks for the reply - interesting niche you're targeting. I see some of the more spatial UI productivity apps - Mural, Milanote, RealTimeBoard etc are coming from the other end - trying to retrofit the collaborative execution piece into their apps, so I can appreciate that you're looking at the end-to-end process as a starting point. I'll have a play, but I think I'm too much of a mapper to switch to being a list-maker!