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We humans have a drive to achieve great things. It is in our bones. And it is what Quire is born for.

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This Kanban board looks interesting and different. It's worth a try.


1. Nested to do list.

2. Simple and clean UI.

3. Real time communication.


No Gantt chart.

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Really love where this task/note manager is heading. Quire seems like the best of Workflowy meets the best of Asana without the fluff.


Simple, thoughtful interface; every note has a URL; easy export; active developers; flexible to your task & note style; and good mobile.


Sometime glitch-y, although developers are quick to respond. Also, tasks can't be quickly turned into high-level projects; no big though.

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Hey everyone at Product Hunt, Today, we are proud to present to you: Quire 3.0 with Kanban board. Long has Quire been helping teams accomplishing their big projects. Our "nested tasks" lets users break down and organize their ideas into a list of small, actionable to-dos. Now, to better focus on completing these to-dos, we brought board on board. What we do is quite different from others. Users can see the big picture of their project in nested task list, and focus on a couple tasks in a board of the same project for each short period of time. Enough said, feel free to give Quire a go! And please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 😊
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It's like Workflowy and Trello had a baby. I love it! There are a few missing features for me: 1) A better Overview/Dashboard page would be nice. Something that showed me the tasks and projects combined, then I could drill-in when needed. I know it's there in the sidebar but a full-screen dashboard would be best. 2) Better display of images on cards on the Kanban Board. Most of my trello cards have images on them and it's nice to have that visual element when organizing things. Especially for design inspiration. 3) Ability to drag-and-drop attachments (images mostly) onto cards and list items. Either on existing ones or to create a new one. 4) An Android Widget is needed! This seems like a pretty big oversight as it should be trivial work since you've done all the Android stuff required already. 5) Similarly, the Chrome Extension is pretty barebones at the moment. Being able to add websites or things within the browser as items is needed. Clicking on the Quire icon in Chrome should show you a similar view that you'd expect from the Android widget.
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Hi @livejamie, That is a cute way to say it! :D One thing that makes us different from Trello is you can add tasks to a board while keeping them in the task list, thus maintaining the context, big picture of the project. Getting back to your suggestions: 1) A dashboard is in our plan. For now, you can add a Smart Folder (https://quire.io/w/Getting_Start...) of projects from different organizations, and zoom in/sort/filter all tasks from these projects when needed. Perhaps it would help. 2) Can you give us a visual example of how you would like images to be displayed on cards? 3) Nice suggestion! We shall consider it. 4) An Android widget will be available! What would you like to do on a widget (eg., see your tasks for today, add tasks to a Quire project)? 5) We will let users add things from any webpage in Chrome as tasks to Quire. I trust this is what you have in mind. :)
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@crystalchen Thanks for the response. Here's an example of a Trello board I used when apartment hunting in the bay area: I could easily drag in any link from the web and it automatically formats it for me, with the picture and everything. I can manually drag and drop other pictures and media easily as well. It makes doing something like this very easy. You can see how much of a difference the photos make. In regards to the Chrome extension, Todoist is an excellent example, their extension is perfect. When I click on the button it gives me a bird's eye view of my tasks and allows me to quickly add one from there:
Looks nice. How is Quire's board different from Asana's board? They already have both task list and board.
Hi @michelle_chen2, here are a couple differences: 1. You can keep tasks in nested to do list when you select a few crucial ones and add them to a Kanban board for doing β€” thus maintaining the context, the big picture of your project. 2. You get to switch between the to do list and board of the same project. 3. You can also create multiple boards for diffrent teams in the same project. 4. Swimlane is also supported in our board.
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