Quire 2.0

A redefined task manager for your teams

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Quire is a modern collaborative task manager made to help visionary teams with big ideas. Like yours.

We humans have a drive to achieve great things. It is in our bones. And it is what Quire is born for.

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Anthony Rindone
Sofia Taveira
  • Sofia Taveira
    Sofia TaveiraFreelance writer

    Simple, complete, free


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    I've been using it for my freelance projects and it helps me keep on track and managing all tasks easily and effortlessly. I love it

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Crystal Chen
Crystal ChenMaker@crystalchen · Community Manager, Quire
Hi everybody at Product Hunt! We were on Product Hunt 2 years ago. Since then, we have imagined and built, reimagined and rebuilt Quire from scratch - and it is now finally ready for you all. 🙂 Unlike other task managers that focus on tracking, Quire is a new type of collaborative tool for capturing your big ideas, breaking them down into small steps for accomplishing, and tracking. Quire 2.0 in a nutshell: - Quire can capture your ideas via Camera, Text and even Siri on your smartphone anytime, anywhere. - Ideas are broken down into unlimited, nested tasks and subtasks until they are small enough to tackle. - Users are able to review, reorganize and work on things from all projects they care about in a single place. - Quickly find almost anything you want with Blink Search. - View the health of your project, organization and member at a glance. - Clean, and simple like a breeze. We hope you like the new features and changes - and we would love to hear your feedback. A big thanks to @_jacksmith who hunted us. Happy innovating! ✌️
ronsheridan@ronsheridan · Startup Wannabe
I rarely find a Project and Task Manager that has as many features that I like and also has an elegant and intuitive UX. I'm looking forward to testing Quire.
Tom Yeh
Tom YehMaker@tomyeh · Founder and CEO at Potix
@ronsheridan Thanks. Have a nice fly with Quire. Please do share us what you like and what you don't like.
ronsheridan@ronsheridan · Startup Wannabe
@tomyeh thx Tom, I've already started using the Feedback option... def have a few things I'm interested in. Impressive app!!
André J
André J@eonpilot · Swift dev @ eon.codes
Love TreeList UI 👍
Crystal Chen
Crystal ChenMaker@crystalchen · Community Manager, Quire
@eonpilot Excellent! It is one of our key values and one of our users' most beloved things about Quire. 😊
Stowe Boyd
Stowe Boyd@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, imperfectionist
how had I missed Quire?