Your local pharmacy delivered by drones (pre-launch)

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This can't be real. LOL at the line to investors: "We're bootstrapping happily but if you'd like to reach out to us, we can show you some cool stuff we're working on."
Hi, I'm Josh. I'm the Founder of QuiQui, and a big fan of Product Hunt. I remember when it was just a mailing list! I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about QuiQui, drones, and the like.
@joshuaziering Is your vision around drone delivery or around pharmacy (or both)?
@2pasc Hi Pascal. My vision specifically revolves around creating a stack for on demand drone delivery. The pharmacy slant is a great initial use case for us and we see it as similar to what Amazon did with books. The vision is to expand the stack to be able to delivery anything. For now, we're focusing on high-value lightweight items.
@joshuaziering So is your vision to be a logistics Company (and would work with other commerce players) or a commerce Company (like Amazon)
@2pasc Ultimately, we want to be doing logistics. Dealing with commerce is a necessary evil right now, but we're working on making that problem go away.
@joshuaziering I'm being punked, right? It can't be legal to (1) deliver pharmaceuticals (at least most) without properly identifying the recipient and (2) deliver products via drone (yet).
@rrhoover You're not being punked. 1) There is an entire cottage industry in the US of people picking up other people's RX for them. All I need is your name and address and I can go pick up your Oxy, Vicodin, Adderall, etc. But on this note, we're starting with non-prescription and OTC items. Things like Advil, Condoms, Nyquil, etc. All that small pharmacy stuff. 2) It's illegal to deliver stuff via drone today. Predicting the FAA is like predicting the penny stock market. Nobody knows what's going to happen with them, and it seems like they don't know either. So, it's illegal. Ok. Uber was illegal when they started. Airbnb is still illegal in many places. Should I let regulation stifle innovation? My thought is no. Besides, there are plenty of legitimate and legal use cases for QuiQui.
@joshuaziering I had no idea you could have others pickup prescription drugs like Adderall. If anyone needs a deliveryman, you know where to find me. ;) j/k Re: the legality, I'm fascinated to see how this plays. Delivery via drones is inevitable.