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Hey everyone, I’m Bret Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Quip (former CTO of Facebook). Quip is a new way to work with your team that combines documents, spreadsheets, and checklists in one place to help teams work better together. Today, I’m excited to announce our partnership with Slack and our new integration together. Now you can add Quip’s living documents to your favorite Slack channels. What excited us most about building this integration is that Quip and Slack share a similar vision about teamwork. We believe that teams work best together when they are more open and more connected. We both strive to build simple software that improves transparency and connects teams more immediately with their work. In turn, everyone can do their best work, faster. Our customers have also told us that they wanted Quip and Slack to connect more naturally. We’ve heard that ideas often spark in Slack, but when it’s time to give them structure, they move to Quip where the idea can be organized, discussed, and evolved into actionable work. With all of that in mind, we were excited to build this integration to support modern teams and how they work. It has a couple key components: * Securely preview links to Quip docs within Slack channels * Create new Quip docs within Slack channels using /quip * Receive notifications in Slack channels when Quip docs change * Use Slack credentials to sign-up for or login to Quip We think with this integration, you can now be less busy with Slack and work less dumb with Quip. Let me know if you have any questions!
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pumped to give this a shot. we have been using quip and slack for a long time. it's like you're one big happy family, and now we have this beautiful tech baby that unites both products. keep up the great work!
@btaylor and @quip team - thanks for building this @slackhq integration. We've been working between Slack and Quip for nearly a year. Thank you for building the bot. What has been the most interesting finding (thus far) from building the Slack integration?
@corleyh @quip @slackhq For me, the "Sign in With Slack" functionality that Slack launched today really makes the integration shine - it means that you can set up Quip for your team, share a document, and the experience for your team members is completely seamless. They don't need to create a separate account, and all the permissions "just work." It makes the integration feel like two components of one product rather than two separate products, which is really the level of polish we were going for.
Hey - awesome stuff! Been waiting on this for a while -- two quick questions/comments: 1) Can a adjust a folder's settings so that updates from all the docs within that folder post to a specific channel? Rather than going individual doc by individual doc ... 2) When trying to post updates to slack, I'm unable to scroll down to see all the channels available Once again, really excited by this integration!
@aepstein32 Hey Adam! Thanks for giving the integration a try. Re: hooking Quip folders to Slack channels, it's definitely something we're exploring. For cross-posting updates into Slack, we started with individual docs as a complement to our `/quip new` command, but we've heard from a lot of customers that Quip folders ↔️ Slack channels feels like a natural mapping. The better we understand the use cases, the better the chances we'll build this, so I'll toss the question back to you—in what scenarios do you picture a Quip folder → Slack channel connection being particularly useful? Re: scrolling the channels, thanks for flagging! On our radar and should be fixed soon.
Really love this idea, also love this idea as a framework. Would love to see more of "help from inside X" especially for really complex programs. For instance Visual Studio wow haven't used that in 10 years and my has that program changed. I didn't even know where to begin. Same with Adobe Illustrator, I'm very proficient in Photoshop but opened Illustrator the other day and was lost. It would be nice to have someone helping me with simple tasks such as navigation issues and shortcuts. I'm not a Sublime user (I use Notepad++ for code editing) but think this is an excellent idea and wish you all the luck in the world.