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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Bret Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Quip. Last week I posted about our integration with Slack, and now I’m back again to tell you about our exciting new redesign of Quip Spreadsheets. Traditional spreadsheets are invaluable for complex data and trend analyses, but they’re too heavy handed for your team's everyday spreadsheet needs like budgets, tables, and project plans. The ones that require constant access, consistent input, and infinite context. That’s exactly why we redesigned Quip Spreadsheets. We wanted to build something that crunches numbers with the best of them and doesn’t sacrifice speed, simplicity, or connection with your team. So what’s new to Quip Spreadsheets? * Checkboxes to assign tasks to your team and use spreadsheets for project management * A familiar, but simplified menu bar design. * A new top-level formula bar with over 400 functions * Spreadsheet integration with Quip’s living documents (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) to give your data context * Real-time in-cell comment threads, @-mentions, and track changes. * First-class mobile support * A ton more useful features like filters, merge cells, and formatting options We hope you love our new spreadsheets as much as we do. You can learn more on our website and our blog. Let us know what you think!
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@btaylor Hey Bret, was just using it this morning. Love it, "it just works". Also - epic Parks & Rec explainer gif.
@btaylor Would love to know more about your development / QA process. I don't think I've ever come across a bug in Quip. What's your frontend stack look like? How do you approach testing?
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@mscccc 😂 OMG love this comment. We definitely have our share of bugs but happy you haven't run into any. We update the product every weekday and push native apps to employees for testing every single day as well. We release our Mac and Windows apps once a week and mobile once a month based on builds we've been using for a while internally. In addition to internal QA, we use Applause to test our mobile apps before we submit to the app stores - since those review processes are slower, the risk of bad code is higher, so we feel it is worth the additional check. And, obviously, we have lots of automated tests so, as a Quip engineer, it is as hard as possible to accidentally break something.
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@btaylor @kevgibbs amazing development process. You made a great summary why Quip Spreadsheets just works: simplicity, good design and speed. Like you said in the blog post announcing the product update, you are building the simplest and powerful spreadsheets for the Mobile world, where Slack has a very strong presence. Send my regards to all Quip´s team.
This is a great update. My favorite thing thing about quip spreadsheets is they can be embedded in documents and referenced throughout so you don't have to choose between one format. It's hard to explain how much better that is until you try it out.
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Been testing this out for the past week or so and overall pretty happy with it. Nice work @btaylor & team. Love that you guys are making docs and spreadsheets so lightweight and interactive. The main things missing for our team at Crowdcast right now are: 1. CSV export 2. Editing the conditional formatting rows & cols. 3. Drag to auto increment dates and numbers. Looking forward to the updates :)
Great release as always with Quip !! great software !!
Just curious about the design -- it looks just like Apple's web iCloud suite. Is that intentional?