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Quip's enables teams to create what we call "living documents." Quip combines writing and chat into a single product experience, and a unique set of interactive use cases have emerged from that combination over the past couple years: team task lists, applicant tracking spreadsheets, etc. We're redesigning Quip around this concept: that creating content in Quip is fundamentally a form of communication. The new design has a couple key components: * An inbox for your documents — The home screen for Quip is now a powerful inbox for your documents. When the folks you are working with update the documents you care about, the document automatically updates you. With our new inbox, you can build your workflow around these living documents (e.g., your team’s task list) without email. * Powerful folder organization — The biggest complaint with collaborative documents is that they’ve traditionally only existed as hyperlink buried deep in an email thread in your inbox. With Quip’s new design, we’ve made shared folders much more prominent and useful, so your team’s documents have a clear “home” and your documents are always easy to find. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering a 30-day free trial of our Team package to new Quip users, the offer will be automatically applied to your account by clicking here and signing up: http://bit.ly/1L6rIFU. You can learn more about the new design at https://quip.com/blog/living-doc..., and I’ll be doing a Product Hunt LIVE (https://www.producthunt.com/live...) at 1pm PST today. Let me know if you have any questions.
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@btaylor What features of Quip are superior to ASANA? I understand you prefer to answer in a diplomatic evasive manner; however, its imperative to be clear what these advantages are in order to try/switch over.
I'd be lost without @quip - I love the update and have been feeding back for a while now :) So great to see it out in the open for others to enjoy too! It is also included inAll of the fabulous stuff that powers Product Hunt
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We started using Quip at Dots the moment it was launched. Can't imagine running a product organization without it.
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@paulbz That's awesome! We love supporting the Dots team. Tell the team to send feedback over anytime - hope you like the new updates!
@Quip is an essential in the day-to-day work we do on Messenger and product design at Facebook. Our "Messenger Design" document tracks the schedule, notes, follow-ups, and open questions for our design critiques/reviews and makes cross-functional collaboration much easier than the e-mail or Zoho days.
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Love @Quip! I started using Quip personally, then I tested it with a few people on the team before we made the decision to use it as a company. We use Quip for everything from team documentation, to hiring and on-boarding, to brainstorming different pieces of work. We use it multiple times a day, everyday. Its the best and most efficient way to collaborate on written documents. LOVE IT! Thanks @btaylor, @molly_g and team for building a great product. And thanks for this update - it is a great improvement.
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@corleyh @rrhoover Interesting, given this earlier comment from Ryan: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... I love Quip myself, and love this update!
@ghromis @rrhoover That was two years ago. Product Hunt was not even incorporated at the point that Ryan wrote that comment. AND the Quip team has made a ton of progress.
@corleyh @rrhoover Hi, I didn't mean to be confrontational (sorry if it sounded that way). I think it's great that they've come so far for you. I personally spend my days in Quip, and I kind of want everyone to use it 😉
@ghromis @corleyh @rrhoover Now they use Quip internally in product hunt :)