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Hey everyone, I am Bret Taylor, CEO and co-founder of Quip. We are really excited about this release. The native apps are extremely fast and enable you to work offline. The app is really the best of all worlds when it comes to productivity - you get the speed and offline capabilities of a desktop app, but you can collaborate in real-time like you can with a cloud / web app. The technology behind the release is really sophisticated and unique (more on that here if you are a geek: https://medium.com/@btaylor/reac...) Let me know if you have any questions.
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@btaylor you guys (and girls) rock Bret. Great addition to an already fantastic product
@btaylor Is there a way to prevent the chat / version box from opening each time I open every doc. There's gotta be a way to disable this somehow! Btw, love the product. Biggest fan!
@btaylor I've been using Evernote (Premium) for 7 years and today, for the first time, I've found a real alternative to it: Quip for Mac. It's native, insanely fast and delightful to use. Congratulations, @btaylor and team!!
@btaylor and team - GREAT work! I started using Quip because a few people suggested I give it a try. ๐Ÿ˜‰I wanted to see if it was a tool that seemed natural to use...it has quickly become the default for me and as Ryan says, we are starting to use it as a team. The native app is great. One of the things I would love to see you add is a way to integrated a shared drive for non-quip files. I hack this with links to dropbox, but I would love to have folders that magically stored other types of files. Keep up the great work!
@corleyh Agreed - that would be useful
Congrats, @btaylor and team! We recently started using Quip so this addition is a huge +1 for the team. As a tangent, it seems there's a revival of interest in native desktop apps lately. So much focus has been on mobile in the business and consumer space but in reality many of us still live on our computers daily. What are your thoughts on this and how do you choose which platforms to invest in (iOS/Android, tablets, web, browser extensions, Mac/Windows, etc.)?
@rrhoover The desktop usage has definitely been driven by people using Quip at work for us, so I think it impacts business products more than consumer. Choosing platforms is hard. The conventional wisdom is to start with one you and your early customers are familiar with and expand. We spend a lot of time investing in our technology to make cross platform development more scalable with a small team
As an avid user of Quip, I couldn't be more pleased by this release. Thank you.
Quip is one of the products I use addictively. Wasn't sure if I should download the desktop app because I get everything I need from the web app, but the insanely fast load times (twice as fast as the web app) convinced me otherwise. Rock on! My only request would be is there a way to prevent the chat / version box from opening each time I open the doc. There's gotta be a way to disable this somehow!