Quip 5.0

Now with project management and a new design

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I used to love Quip because of its invisible UI. All these buttons and heavy typefaces are making it a lot more uncomfortable to use, hope they revert to less UI... However the reminder feature is totally welcome!
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@denull Totally agree, and it looks like a lot of others do too. The old UI was focused on a clean and clear space for writing; this new one feels focused on buttons and features. I don't think that shift worked well for Evernote, hopefully Quip can avoid that.
@denull They reverted Quip's UI to old one. :) EDIT: Opps. Sorry, it was misinformation. But I hope they do it.
@jringenberg I guess it was expected after Salesforce acquired them. After all they are probably trying to make it Word/Pages user friendly. Such a shame... We've been experimenting with Dropbox Paper and Notion but nothing compares to Quip.
@denull @jringenberg What's the 'shame' part? If you simply are writing -- an essay, for example -- all these new affordances don't inhibit you. It's only if you are trying to create a document that acts as a 'work processing' context--with assignment, due dates, and so on--that these controls show up. And if you are doing 'work processing' and not word processing, you need those capabilities.
@stoweboyd @jringenberg One word - Distraction.
Great to see updates on Quip and the reminder feature—YES! But whoever made the new typographic choices and designed those horrible buttons on top needs to revisit their design. The typeface is very heavy and hard to read, it's generally an ugly one, and it has too much attitude for its purpose—text documents. The buttons are constantly in my face and they need to either be compressible, redesign them (kill that horrible boldness all over them) or remove them altogether. Generally happy to see updates and new features and I really hope to see better design choices.
I'm excited about the update and the added reminders are a really useful feature. I still miss the ability to share more rich content in quip like embed videos in document (or just watch video in a chat!). @btaylor do you have any plans on making 1-1 and group chat a more rich experience? It's nice an simple but just things like video and gif would just be so nice if it was displayed.
@galimotion thanks for the hunt/share. Looks like Quip had a great makeover. Looks refreshing. ✌️
I love quip, and our team uses it all day, everyday. The new reminders are going to be great for us, and I do like the sidebar organization, but I agree with others that the button feel cluttered. Overall, I think the design is a lot more Slack-y, which is a negative for me.
'Now with project management'? Doesn't that require a bit more than just due dates and assignment? For example, where's the list of all tasks assigned to me across all Quip docs?