Quip 5.0

Now with project management and a new design

Would you recommend Quip 5.0 to a friend?


Dimo Trifonov
@denull · Founder of @feeld
I used to love Quip because of its invisible UI. All these buttons and heavy typefaces are making it a lot more uncomfortable to use, hope they revert to less UI... However the reminder feature is totally welcome!
Ana Kirova
@anafiki · Product & Curation @Feeld
Great to see updates on Quip and the reminder feature—YES! But whoever made the new typographic choices and designed those horrible buttons on top needs to revisit their design. The typeface is very heavy and hard to read, it's generally an ugly one, and it has too much attitude for its purpose—text documents. The buttons are constantly in my face and they n… See more
Mathias Elmose
@galimotion · Educational Developer
I'm excited about the update and the added reminders are a really useful feature. I still miss the ability to share more rich content in quip like embed videos in document (or just watch video in a chat!). @btaylor do you have any plans on making 1-1 and group chat a more rich experience? It's nice an simple but just things like video and gif would just be… See more
@andyfossett · CEO, GMB Fitness
I love quip, and our team uses it all day, everyday. The new reminders are going to be great for us, and I do like the sidebar organization, but I agree with others that the button feel cluttered. Overall, I think the design is a lot more Slack-y, which is a negative for me.
Stowe Boyd
@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, iconclast
'Now with project management'? Doesn't that require a bit more than just due dates and assignment? For example, where's the list of all tasks assigned to me across all Quip docs?