Quip 3.0

Work with people, not files. Now with spreadsheets.

#4 Product of the DayOctober 09, 2014
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While not nearly as innovative as "A messaging app for messaging Ethan," we are pretty excited about this launch. You shouldn't have to choose the structure of your data before you start to write - that's why we wanted to enable you to mix and match spreadsheets with all the other content Quip supports, from text to images to lists. Let us know what you think!
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@btaylor this is amazing, thank you!
@btaylor That first sentence wins the internet today.
Really exciting to see this implementation--the collaborative view of sheets, the use of multiple sheets in a quip doc, the zoom to full screen, the handling of labels, etc. Lots of really interesting things. Most interesting is how this is reflective of the very old Claris/Apple Works and is bringing back the notion that an integrated document type reimagined for a mobile/collaborative/cloud world can be very exciting.
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From the day I started using Quip, I couldn't wait for them to take on spreadsheets. I've been in their spreadsheets beta and am impressed by how their team is rethinking the entire experience; love the simple transition to and from full-screen view. Overall, Quip just keeps getting better. They constantly add delightful features that make getting work done super easy as you jump between devices. Nice work @btaylor & team!
Quip continues to be my all time favorite productivity app on mobile.
@btaylor have you thought about Ethan integration? ;) Congrats on the launch. I'm curious to hear about the surprises you've had building Quip. There are several obvious use cases and features to build, based on existing behaviors and products but which were the most surprising that you didn't foresee in the beginning?
@rrhoover Checklists. We built them from the beginning, but they are the "ah ha" moment for many more people than I would have expected, from wedding planning to grocery lists to engineering team task lists. Made us realize we are creating a collaboration product more than we are creating a productivity tool.
@btaylor that's really interesting. what's the main difference between a collaboration product vs productivity tool? at a high level one would assume it's the same thing but it definitely isnt.