Quip 2.0

Messaging + Documents. Combined in one place.

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Such a huge fan of Quip. It empowers everything we do at Path.
Derek Shanahan
VP Growth @ Exer
@davemorin What has Quip 'replaced' for you? I can't seem to figure out why I'd use it rather than Asana, GoogDocs, and other tools. Much less bring team members away from those tools they already know. Thanks for the insight.
Andrea GrassiOwner & Devel. at Haptime.in
I also use Quip and love their interface, effective and fast. One thing, though, is how to move a company to use quip entirely. In the company I work for this doesn't seem feasable, but I see it would probably be a great addition to a newborn startup that isn't tied to any technology or service. I agree with @dskaletsky , how was the move to Quip in Path, @davemorin ?
Ouriel Ohayon
ZenGo.com / CEO
lots of smarts in this app, but can t find a compelling reason to adopt it and quit Google docs which is "good enough" - for now
Phil Toronto
SVP, Special Projects
The document commenting is excellent - I'm using it more and more.
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