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There are a lot of awesome things about Quip but I find it hard to move from Google Docs. Part of the challenge is that I have everything stored there already and everyone's familiar with it so sharing externally is never awkward (people don't have to signup for another service). I know @liveink is a huge fan of Quip, though.
@rrhoover I struggled with the same thing too. I used Quip for personal projects and Gdocs for work. I find Quip great for drafting my writing. However, Gdoc is better for inline commenting and collaborative editting. It wasn't until I joined Facebook did I merge the personal and work docs onto Quip b/c FB doesn't use Gdocs. We use Quip and Zoho. Sometimes it just take a forced migration over to one tool ;)
@rrhoover Agreed. Everyone has a GDocs account and knows how to use it. It can do enough of the nerdy stuff people care about from Word, comment at-mentions go neatly into email, and most of my document editing is on a desktop today. Quip is my Evernote. I use it for speaking notes, capturing stuff while I'm running around, etc. And it doesn't suffer the self-design feature bloat of Evernote.
@rrhoover latest updates on android has made it more compicated and slower tho
@rrhoover also isn't this a dupe? Pretty sure I hunted this months ago
@liveink this was posted earlier but this thread is part of the Tools for Product Managers collection.
The killer (and quasi-hidden) feature of Quip that sold us is that it copies text out as Markdown. Makes your work braindead portable.
There is nothing else that enables collaboration across desktop and mobile like it. Lists, specs, documents, mocks. It all works.