Quiet Time

A nifty app to reduce noise pollution in the office

Quiet Time is a nifty little app that helps teams focus and be more productive in shared working spaces by assisting in policing noise pollution.

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I love music but tunes with lyrics in the office can be very distracting. Sometimes I quietly unplug the Sonos. πŸ™Š
@rrhoover 100%! Collectively in office, we just simply sometimes forget that we're engaged in a period of deep focus - hence this as a "not too obtrusive" reminder to the whole team to keep them on track ;)
@rrhoover i'm lobbying for cubicles
@randathinks blasphemy! We're a STARTUP!
@rrhoover Especially when @nickabouzeid plays polka music on the Sonos? πŸ˜…
Gosh, I miss libraries.