Bookmark your favorite apps with magical 3D Touch πŸ‘‰πŸ“±

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Just an app I made learning the 3d touch functionality on the iPhone that got quite a few downloads on the App store. It's super fast and easy to use. Let me know what you guys think :) There is also a pro version so PM me for promo codes πŸ‘
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@superandrew213 I'm curious, did you make this app with HTML5?
@cm0nt0y4 nope, react native
@superandrew213 This is awesome! Would love a promo code please!
@abadchris thanks mate! PM me on twitter for the promo code :)
@superandrew213 I really need to start using that :)
Clever, @superandrew213. Important question: which apps do you have in your quicky? 😊
@rrhoover facebook, quora, instagram and product hunt 😊
@rrhoover Which ones are your top 4 apps?
This is very cool.
@sarthakgh thank you! πŸ˜€
looks great and easy to use! can I have a code?
@lomionoesgrave PMd you on twitter :)
This looks cool. I love seeing stuff that was built as a by-product of someone learning something new! If you get a notification in an app that's in Quicky, will Quicky display a notification counter? Also any change of getting a pro code? πŸ™‚
@marsh931 sure! PM me on twitter
@marsh931 no unfortunately notification counter won't show. Apple doesn't provide a way to do it :(