The most powerful OS X app launching utility known to man

Stu Art
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    fast light efficient


    difficult to get really deep

    this is the first app I add to any new mac Have permission to do so on. I really only use it as an app launcher, but I know ir can do far more; I've just yet to dedicate the time requredto learn it.

    Stu Art has used this product for one year.
Quicksilver is great, also check out Alfred App which is much newer and maybe even a little more powerful: https://www.alfredapp.com/
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I can't believe this hasn't been hunted yet! The app was in beta for 10 years and largely unsupported up until a few years ago. It puts Spotlight to shame. It's so powerful it makes you dangerous. This testimonial from their website sums it up perfectly... “Quicksilver allows me to do near superhuman things with files and applications. It makes me a frakkin Ninja and my Mac a Ginsu Knife”. – Patrick Rhone, Minimal Mac
I LOVE Quicksilver! OSX has copied a lot of the functionality, but I'll always love the original.
For the past 6-8 years it was one of the first things I installed on every Mac I owned or worked on.
I think @rrhoover is on vacation. He never would have let me hunt this! That said, I loved QS back in the day. Y'all know it was created by the designer of Google's original mobile apps?
@chrismessina I LEAVE THE COMPUTER FOR ONE MINUTE! 😜 (I was at Outside Lands this weekend)
@chrismessina @rrhoover Why wouldn't we be allowed to hunt Quicksilver? I know it's old, but it wasn't until recently that they announced they would now be actually supporting it. ;)
how did it take this long for Quicksilver to show up here!