QuickShot 2.0

A simple screenshot manager in your Mac's menubar

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I use cmd+shift+4 to quickly grab screenshots on Mac (comes in-built). Images are by default saved on desktop.
@chandureddivari You can also hold ctrl+shift+4 to copy the selected image to the clipboard and cmd+v into an app to paste it (like Slack, etc)
Hi Product Hunt! I’m one of the makers of QuickShot, so glad to be back. We’re really excited about the launch of QuickShot 2.0, we think it will really revolutionize your workflow and hopefully eliminate those frustrating times when you’re trying to find that buried screenshot on your hectic desktop. We’ve got a lot of feedback from users who liked our app, but simply wanted it to do more. So, with this release we’re introducing a boatload of new features. To start, QuickShot now has multiple folder support, so you can load images from any folder you want and switch between them right in your menubar. Along with that, we’ve now added custom filters, search, sorting options, and themes to make QuickShot even more customizable. I’ll be here to answer any questions, feedback, or suggestions in the comments! Thanks everyone!
@sond813 good work. Had this App for awhile and I keep forgetting to use it. Just clicked "open at login", hopefully that will remind me. A lot easier than going through the Finder.
Awesome product! As a Product Manager I take so many screenshots to mark up and this is already a lifesaver. However for those of you wanting to set a folder that your screenshots go to, you need to do this, an I'd recommend the makers of this add these instructions to their website: http://www.idownloadblog.com/201...
Looks interesting! Just downloaded it. Given the amount of screenshots I take... If this can make an improvement it will be awesome.
Very convenient tool, I've used it for a long time now, and have loved its simplicity.