Reduce desktop clutter on your Mac. Clean up & Organise

#4 Product of the DayMay 21, 2017

We clean up clutter and organise at the same time. QuickShift is perfectly suited for this habit of ours.

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503 on the website, happy HN Sunday.
@imatincr I am not sure what went wrong here. But please mail me at rahul@growthbeats.com if you face this issue again.
Dropzone, an alternative with more capabilities, is still being maintained: https://www.producthunt.com/post... There is also the beautiful app FilePane: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@nmithani1 We screwed up with the delay in the update. Sorry guys. To answer your query, we are different from Dropzone and other similar file moving tools. 1. QuickShift has different ways of selecting files apart from the traditional drag and drop. For example, you can just select your files in the Finder and launch QuickShift. It will automatically detect the selected files to move or copy. A lot of juggle especially when multiple windows or desktops are open can be eliminated 2. QuickShift has features to organise the files apart from just having the grid of most used destinations for files. For example, once you drag in a set of files, you can take time to create a hierarchy in the Finder ( Documents/Client A/ Requirements) on the fly to move the contents here. 3. Copy is another well developed feature in QuickShift 4. Undo option for both Move and Copy 5. A ready shortcut to launch QuickShift from anywhere and anytime 6. Support for external drives & devices to manage clutter. 7. With 2.0, we have also brought in a easy access to clean up & organise recent files. And please feel free to tell us the features that you would like to see in QuickShift. It would help us a lot
Handy utility for the Mac to reduce Desktop clutter that stores your designated files in their predefined folders. This can of course all be done automatically via OS X's Folder Actions and system services, but this is a pretty nice option for users who don't like DIY solutions.
@t55 Thank you Ton for bringing this product to the notice of Product Hunt users. We have released a new update with most of the changes requested by the users over this time. We were late in the release of update. Sorry. And thank you for the support!
My desktop is a gigantic mess. Unfortunately this app doesn't seem to load for me :-( Hoping it's an easy fix.
@nyalex Please check the latest version 2.0. If your problem persists, please mail me at support@growthbeats.com
@csaba_kissi this is why we can't have nice things.
@nerdybff I meant a message on their web site 😉
@csaba_kissi @nerdybff Please check out the new update - version 2.0. On the day of the Product Hunt listing, the site crashed due to the amount of traffic we received. Sorry. If you face any problem, please mail us at support@growthbeats.com