The best way to change resolutions on your Mac



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Niv Dror — Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Changing screen resolutions seems like a pretty convenient thing to access through Touch Bar 🤓
This seems neat, but do people really switch resolutions constantly? Why?
Wojtek Witkowski — Rayfeed
@cenk Larger workspace = more code to fit on the screen or whatever you might be designing.
@dubstrike Yes, obviously a higher resolution equals more information on screen. But why would someone *switch* resolutions away from the display’s native resolution? Let alone so often that they need a special app to do so?
Wojtek Witkowski — Rayfeed
@cenk Because you might need more space for some tasks and keeping the non-default resolutions turned on for long takes a hit on the GPU & battery. Switching through System Preferences is a hassle if you do it multiple times per day.

I've made an app for this a while back as well.

Here's a quote:
"BestRes is a dead-simple app that mimics the native UI for changing your display resolution on Retina Macs that's available in Settings > Displays > Scaled. I needed a quicker access to these settings when working on the go, thus this idea was brought to light. Other apps were just too complex and had endless lists to scroll through. BestRes pulls natively-supported resolutions vetted by Apple.

It might be useful to designers & developers that switch between resolutions whether it's for testing or to get some more real estate for your apps. Saves a couple of clicks each time."
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