Quickey Tab for Chrome

The fastest way to launch websites—with custom hotkeys ⚡️⌨️

Quickey New Tab is an elegant dashboard of customizable keyboard shortcuts that launch your favorite websites/bookmarks instantly 🚀 and eliminates unnecessary clicking & typing from your workflow ⏳


  • Adel Ahndental student

    cool background pictures, quick launch to websites, personalizing with cute emojis, easy swapping/editing


    Some pictures are really awesome I want to keep it all the time but can't when windows shut down automatically..

    I've launched 1419 tabs and saved more than an hour from typing these websites/finding on bookmark list. I always have the Quickey tab as a default when I am just chilling so I get to see the cool background pictures- or even shuffle them. I also have fun remembering these keys that I've set and launch websites without even looking at the keyboard- like a memory game!

    Adel Ahn has used this product for one month.
  • Steve WuFounder-in-Residence, Atomic

    way more efficient than opening a new tab and typing in a website. saves seconds each time but it quickly adds up!



    simple and effective solution to a problem I didn't realize I had 👌🏼

    Steve Wu has used this product for one month.


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Daniel LinMaker@xdlin · Product Designer
Hello Product Hunt! Huge thanks to @nickabouzeid from PH for his help/guidance! We started Quickey after finding ourselves overwhelmed with all of the links we needed to track at work. For most websites, we had to type the exact URL or fumble through our bookmarks—and as new projects emerged and priorities constantly shifted, this became too tedious and unwieldy 😭 As self-proclaimed "keyboard shortcut" geeks, we imagined a solution where we could, at any moment, get to any link we wanted with a single tap ⚡️. And as we iterated on the idea, we strived to rethink how keyboard shortcuts could be more visual, approachable, and fun for everyone else to use 😛 Today, we're excited to share Quickey with the PH community—we've definitely noticed improvements in our own productivity, and we hope it can help you too! 😍 Here are some of our favorite Quickey features: 🌍 Global Hotkeys (ALT+[KEY]) 👋 Drag-N-Drop Editing 💩 Emoji Customization 📷 High Resolution Photo Backgrounds 🇰🇷 International/DVORAK Keyboard Support
Alexander MaPro@xanderma · TTYL ✌🏻🎧
Love the product! Simple, beautiful and useful 👌
Daniel LinMaker@xdlin · Product Designer
@xanderma Thank you Alex! 🚀🤘🏼
Kaivalya Gandhi@kaivalyagandhi · Aspiring PM, Software Eng. @ UWaterloo
Delightful yet subtle! The emojis and drag-and-drop interface really help make it easy to use. 👌 An idea based on how I often browse: being able to assign groups of tabs to one shortcut... So that it's quicker to switch between contexts where I have a set of tabs I always need to open up. 🙏
Daniel LinMaker@xdlin · Product Designer
@kaivalyagandhi Thanks Kaivalya! Yesss great feedback—batch-launching is literally #1 on our backlog 🙏🏼
dennis@denniszhu · Creator of https://anyshortcut.com
Hi, this is awesome. However I made a similar but better product called Anyshortcut (https://anyshortcut.com/) (Both Chrome and Firefox are supported). Hope you can give it a try. ❤️🎉🎉
Daniel LinMaker@xdlin · Product Designer
@denniszhu Thanks Dennis! We also love the power of keyboard shortcuts, but found that the biggest obstacle for most users was *remembering* them 🤕. Do you see this too? To solve this, we tried using emojis (for visual memory) & a visual drag-and-drop interface (dead-simple editing) to help users better experiment with what works for them. We'll definitely give anyshortcut a try!
dennis@denniszhu · Creator of https://anyshortcut.com
@xdlin Yeah, I think we see eye to eye. My Telegram id: @hisriver, I hope we can talk more about this. 😄
Lucas@pluslucas_ · Aspiring UI/UX designer
@denniszhu Hey! I tried this, but the shortcuts simply don't work
dennis@denniszhu · Creator of https://anyshortcut.com
@pluslucas_ Thanks for trying. That's odd. I'll appreciate if I can help you with instant communication. Such as Telegram or by email.
Trevor Hatfield@trevorhatfield · SaaS Consultant & Founder @Inturact
Seems like a good idea in concept, just not sure how much I would use it, but probably give it a try and find out. Thanks.
Daniel LinMaker@xdlin · Product Designer
Thank you @trevorhatfield! Let us know how it is or if you have any suggestions :)