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Thanks for Posting Jack! I'm here to answer questions if anyone has any. We're pushing an update this week with an export all to PDF function and a new "notes" field.
Nice concept, but I was really hoping for RFID, like some warehouses use. If you can implement that, I think not only it would simplify personal storage in homes / storage units, but you could sell this to small businesses as well. Just my $5. I'll take payment in the form of equity, thank you :)
@thesocialjack Hey Jack, I believe Apple is still limiting it's NFC to Apple pay only at this point so that would not yet be possible. If they open up the system as they did with touch ID, then that could become a viable option. Some Android phones already have NFC but you still need get extremely close to the tag to read it (almost touch it), with our scanner you can still read the labels from 12 ft away which is more useful in a storage room, attic or small business warehouse. I'm keeping an eye out on the RFID/NFC space to see if/when this becomes a viable option to implement.
@heydomdom you're right, let's hope they open up an SDK soon. If not, an external device (attached through lightning or paired Bluetooth) may be worth the purchase for small businesses. Also an integration with Airtable would be nice at that point.
Unique idea and it's almost perfect. What would make it really useful is allowing users to create lists by name instead of QR code. This way you don't have to have a printer at home to use this app.
@natalie_halimi_van_coevorden Thanks for the feedback. Your suggestion could work. We were looking at a fail safe way to truly link your real life storage to a virtual catalog. Linking the two and having the ability to scan to view contents is a pretty cool feature. I personally have terrible hand writing so I much prefer to have a nice code label on the box versus my illegible scribbles. :-)
You guys should consider going $9.99 for unlimited things. Sortly does that, and has a few more features to boot. Definitely going to give Quick Peek a try though!
@joshlgibson Something like that is on the roadmap along with dropbox sync which will widen the applications from personal use to family sharing and small businesses being able to share the same data sets. Stay posted for future updates.
@askdaylen No ETA yet but it's definitely on the plan. We just need to gauge the interest of the system first and nail all the necessary features before we go ahead and re-build for Android. It will be a much more efficient build that way. Thanks!
@heydomdom @askdaylen Any update on the Android front? As it stands, I recently bought some stickers that I will have to dig out of a random container at an indeterminate time in the future. Stopping that confusion was the reason for buying them. My own fault, I suppose. When I see that little black rectangle on a box these days, I assume both Apple and Google App stores.
@slacko The company has been acquired so Iโ€™m not personally working on it anymore but I am told it is already fully developed and currently being tested. It should be available in about two months.