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Aaron Marshall
Aaron MarshallMaker@aaron_marshall
Hi all, new to Product Hunt! I up voted my own product, felt awkward, is that poor form? Thank you Robleh for sharing Quick here! Ryan, it will remember your last font and photo source, after 3 uses it stops prompting you to double tap to edit text. It gets faster. Also the iOS 8 photo editing extension will let you add text to your photo right from your camera roll. I don't use snapchat daily, so I would love more feedback to make quick quicker! :)
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis@cdavis565 · Design at Trello by day, sleep by night.
@aaronmarshall I love how easy IOS8 makes it to integrate your stuff into other apps. I thought about you as soon as I saw the integrations feature. Also, Quills misses you. And I do too.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Just created this: This has some neat interactions but it still takes a while to create a text-overlay photo. Although some people want more control and customization, Snapchat is much faster and will continue to be my go-to.