A wearable to help the pain go away (pre-launch)

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erik Martin
erik Martin@hueypriest · previously GM @reddit
after 5 knee surgeries and trying all manner of traditional and on traditional help I'm certainly interested. Even if it's an easier to use modern TENS equivalent I'd pay for that.
Cat Noone
Cat NooneHunter@imcatnoone · Founder & CEO, Iris
As a former athlete who now pays for a lot of the damage I put on my body in my teen years during sports, this is awesome. Really interested in the neurotechnology behind it.
Mac Gambill
Mac Gambill@macgambill · CEO, Nudge
As a former athlete as well, I have to admit that I am really intrigued with the technology. I can remember being hooked up to various machines in the training room producing to stimulate muscle recovery, and I would have loved the idea of being able to take something with me for additional treatment. Look forward to keeping up with the company.
Cat Noone
Cat NooneHunter@imcatnoone · Founder & CEO, Iris
@macgambill Exactly! Countless hours were spent in recovery time. This saves a ton of that.
Mac Gambill
Mac Gambill@macgambill · CEO, Nudge
@imcatnoone No joke! I don't know enough about the tech to know how comfortable PT would feel about just throwing this to their clients trusting that they wouldn't over-do it. I'm guessing this is more limited in its dosage than traditional machines.
julius tarng
julius tarng@tarngerine · Designer
My neck/arms need this from working at the comp all day ~ except this looks like a form factor that doesn't really work for rsi
Andrew Farmer
Andrew Farmer@ahfarmer · iOS Developer
erik, I was curious about the same thing. The product page has a FAQ about TENS: How is Quell different than other TENS devices? Quell’s proven neurotechnology is double the strength of other products on the market today, enabling the device to trigger systemic pain relief that covers other areas of your body. Quell’s OptiTherapy™ calibrates to your optimal stimulation level ensuring you receive maximum relief.