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Hi, I'm the co-founder of que Bottle! que Bottle is the only collapsible water bottle that's functional and fashionable. Unique spiral design shrinks bottle in half without losing the stylish appeal. Made of 100% food-grade silicone, and 18/8 stainless steel, que Bottle is 100% plastic-free, making it the most eco-friendly water bottle there is on the market. So check us out, and happy to answer any of your questions!
@jwu719 I would disagree that this is the only collapsible water bottle thats functional and fashionable. I interviewed Aquatina who were doing this many many years ago https://www.google.com/search?q=...
@jasondainter @jwu719 I agree, Aquatina was on Dragons Den in the UK, there is also a patent on this type of collapsible plastic bottle that I suspect this will be in breach of if they try to market in the regions where the patent is active.
Nice, patent wars. Really fantastic way to differentiate and add value to consumers.
@jasondainter Hi Jason, we are a completely different product than them. First of all, we use food-grade silicone, not plastic, and our bottle is 100% plastic-free because we really believe plastic is causing too much damage to this planet and we need to reduce plastic consumption significantly right now in our daily life. Secondly, the designs share nothing similar accept they are both collapsible. Our design is in a unique and innovative way that it's spiral turning evenly spread the angles vertically, and the bottle will actually stay in shape collapsed and expanded, and can be used as a full-sized bottle and a half-sized bottle.
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@morgano @jasondainter Hi, James. There are different kinds of patents - design patent, which many products could apply, and utility patent, which is much more complicated and requires higher innovations. Just because two products might do the same thing doesn't mean there will be a conflicts in patent. The material, the mechanics, the benefits, the commercial values will all determine whether or not one patent conflicts with another. We have actually filed utility patent in the US and internationally, we were able to do so because we were evaluated as unique utility design on silicone collapsible water bottle with spiral design.
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What happens when you collapse it with water inside? Does it turn into a super soaker?
@rjvir Hi Raj, you won't be able to collapse the bottle when the cap is on. And we do not recommend collapsing the bottle when the water is more than half full because the water will come out as the bottle shrinks to half size.
So many people take time to hate on a product that has nothing to do with their life. Great design/product @jwu719. Thanks for spending your energy thinking of the environment and great product design. I'll be purchasing one!
@blackguycoding Thanks so much for your support! It's completely understandable that different people might have different opinions on a new product. But we are glad you see the values in us and like our product, can't wait to deliver it to you and see you enjoy it! :)
i had one from Little Ceasars like 17 years ago that did this. sure it wasn't so environmentally friendly and trendy, but why the big deal with the collapsible thing? if i'm done with it, i store it. if i need water i fill it up and want it to be tall. so why do i need it to accordion?
@thejeremycarson Hi Jeremy, our bottle expends to a full-sized 20 oz. water bottle. It's convenient for people because they can collapse the bottle in half when they are done or half-done with their drinks so they don't have to carry a big empty bottle around. This is a huge problem, especially for women because we really hate carrying big items, traditional water bottles are definitely too big to fit in our purses. On other occasions, for example you are on a hike, it's also annoying to carry a big bottle when it's already half-empty. Use que Bottle, shrink it to a small cube and put in your pocket, makes your life much easier!
This is the first water bottle I've wanted to buy in a long time - I bought a Vapur back in the day but it got gross quickly and always fell over. Also appreciate the environmental mission!
@gillianim So glad to hear that! Hard to clean has been a huge problem for collapsible bottles and bottles in general, that's why we choose to use silicone material, which is stain resistant and super easy to clean. You can simply use boiling bottle to clean, and it's also dishwasher safe. We are dedicated to fight the war on plastic because it needs to change. Thanks again for your support! :)