The Objects that Power the Global Economy is Quartz's first book.

It could also very well be the first book that lets you mine bitcoin by hand, elevates the active pixel sensor to global communications phenomenon, and transforms a human genome into a work of art. Also, Bill Gates wrote one of the essays. No big deal. Free shipping everywhere.

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👋 Hi, Zach from Quartz here. We are better known for our digital news products—, our app, etc.—but a lot of us are also secretly lovers of the printed page. I suspect a lot of you are, too. From the beginning of Quartz, we've mused about how we might apply our journalism to print, taking advantage of the unique aspects of the physical form. This is the result of that thought experiment. It's a beautiful and deeply reported book about 10 objects that you may never have seen but are vital to the global economy today. We gave a lot of thought to the user experience of the book, just as we would with a digital product, and the result is really impressive. I can say that because my colleagues were far more involved in this project than I was, and I'm sure they'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the vision for the book, how it came together, and what we learned about the difference between making a digital product and a physical one (a lot!).
Looks fantastic - kudos to all behind it!
Long time reader of Quartz, and I've had your iOS app installed since day 1 (still my favourite way to start the day). Strange how you can't ship to Canada. Hope this ends up changing sometime, I'd love to own it!
@actuallylanden Hey Landen, thanks for your support of Quartz! Canada actually has some restrictions in place regarding books imported from the US, which is why we're unable to ship directly there. We included a warning notice about this on the homepage of the store, but it's easy to miss. However, you can still get the book by using a parcel forwarding service, such as Stackry and Borderlinx (we've included the link to these companies in our FAQs page as well). Parcel forwarding services will allow you get a US address for shipping, and then will forward the book to you in Canada. Bear in mind that Quartz is not associated with these companies in any way, but you will still get free shipping to the US address provided by the parcel service. Hope that helps!

I first read about Quartz and their new book coming out from Hustle article, which I very much like and enjoy. Was very excited to order the product as a gift, but unfortunately did not receive the book on time (by any means this was not Quartz fault). When I inquired about the return policy, customer service was unable to provide an info on what the return policy was and was told to return the book through Amazon (I did not order via Amazon and so could not return). After few days customer support got back to me with a return shipping label (but not a prepaid one). Again, there was no mentioning of customer supplying their own return label in Quartz return policy. When I inquire about the matter with customer service, have never heard back. Overall, great product, unclear return policy, lack of info from customer service.


Book looked nice, well put together. Customer service team was responsive.


Not a clear return policy, instructions from customers service missing