Quarterly Tax Calculator for Freelancers

See how much you owe to state and federal in 7 sec

Easily calculate your quarterly payment for both State and Federal taxes. Behind the scenes, we're using the latest tax brackets, credits, and deductions ... so you don't have to! Brought to you by the team at Keeper
PH freelancers, Paul and David here, founders of Keeper 👋 Many freelancers don't make quarterly tax payments because they're complicated / opaque and pretty much require an accountant. The result? Hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in needless penalties. With this free online tool, we're changing that. It's the first one to offer both Federal and State-level tax payment calculations, as well as clearly showing you the penalty you'll owe if you don't pay. We built this because we were surprised to find that nothing on the internet calculates both State and Federal quarterly tax payments for you ... nuts. Before this tool, if you live in one of the 43 states with income taxes, you had to pay an accountant or figure it out yourself (don't try this at home, kids) We hope this tool is helpful to you and we'll be hanging out here to answer questions throughout the day!
I'm definitely going to give this a try after receiving a tax bill for $12000+ a couple of days ago. I called them and they have NO sense of humor about the unpaid taxes thing. Thanks for creating the tool!
@knuckleswanny Thanks Sean, best of luck. If you'd like help with pulling proof of expenses from bank accounts / CC's, we can help at keepertax.com
@paulkoullick Awesome, thank you Paul.
Great one but people living outside U.S need this too
@alexeyivanenko4 Thanks Alexey. I agree! Where are you from?
Is this only for america?
@paulcomba Yes! It's U.S. only. Tax law for independent contractors can vary quite a bit by country.
Je comprends pas la leng Engler