Quantitative Home Buying Guide: Bay Area

A framework for deciding when/where/how to buy a home

We spend a lot of time thinking about the home buying process and assembling data to inform decisions. We've decided to share some of our analysis more broadly. There are 4 major sections: deal economics, schools, commuting, and quality of life.
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This is pretty great to read. Congrats guys
I like the flexibility that this product gives towards home ownership and the one-stop post purchase experience that is very poor in the industry today.
Take a look at our Homebuying Guide for the Bay Area. We are constantly pulling these types of insights for our members. Like, places to live outside San Francisco that best fit their needs. @hari_viswanathan started collecting all the most helpful information in one place, and so began this guide! This should be really helpful info to prime you for starting a home search in the Bay Area. The ?makers are happy to answer / discuss any questions or opinions you have! (background on ZeroDown as a company is here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
How do you know I am planning to buy a home? hehe (not in SF, but that's funny)
Very thoughtful