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#5 Product of the DayDecember 20, 2015
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Tools like Bloomberg and Capital IQ exist for financial analysts to help understand details on certain companies as well as indexes. What's really, really interesting about Quandl is that they allow anyone (!) to play w. a broad data set of information - i.e. employment rates, hotel occupancy, company financials etc. - and become smarter around analysis. Going into 2016, I'm excited about services that break down walls and free up information that makes the world around us much smarter. Count services like Tiingo (https://www.tiingo.com/), Premise (https://www.premise.com/), Kimono (https://www.kimonolabs.com/) and Blockspring (https://www.blockspring.com/) as early holiday gifts. :)
@daveambrose Thanks for posting Quandl, Dave. "Breaking down walls to make the world smarter" -- I love that summary of our mission!
@daveambrose If you're in this space, check out Alpha Hat as well (http://www.alphahat.com). We're aiming to be an analytics layer on top of Quandl.
Quandl is no doubt the reason Tiingo can exist today Absolutely incredible what Quandl has done and I look forward to working closer with you all going forward.
@rishipsingh Thanks for the kind words Rishi! Looking forward to seeing Tiingo grow.
Founder of Quandl here. Glad to be featured on Product Hunt; please ask me anything!