Quality Time

Automatic diary of your smartphone usage activities.

I'd love to see the data they're collecting. What time of day do people use certain apps? Which apps are more popular on weekends? Etc. There's a whole category of apps used to track your mobile usage, including Moment.
Provides a fun, visual and easy-to-navigate personal activities log displayed as a “timeline” from morning to night, for any given date. Dashboard lets you see how much time you spend on your phone by hour, by day and by week. View your top apps that consumed the most time, addictive apps by access frequency, or even track usage by individual app. Set usage limits for your device or for specific apps and receive personalized alerts. Even connect to the Internet of Things to alert you to smartphone overuse! You can also curb your phone usage with the “Take a Break” feature.
This is awesome...is this doable on iOS or does Apple restrict this kind of stuff?