Qualaroo for Slack

Get customer feedback in real time on your Slack channel

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Hey Product Hunt! Wanted to let you all know about Qualaroo's new Slack integration. Qualaroo lets you gather customer feedback with surveys you can target to users anywhere on your site or inside your product. When you connect Qualaroo with Slack, those customer responses get pushed to your Slack channel instantaneously as they arrive. It's a great way to keep up with customer sentiment in real time.
great stuff. is it possible / will it be possible to respond to non-anonymous feedback through slack too?
@smalter Walter you have a crystal ball? We have envisioned that for the future. Need to make sure that resonates with users of course
@smalter @radiantnode :-) Qualaroo lives! :-) :-) :-)
cool! are there in-slack analytics/dashboards to get a broader picture of your results or does it just stream results?
@wwwdonohue Walker you have a daily digest in mind? You mean end of day Qualaroo metrics in your Slack channel?