Collaborative docs for teams using Slack

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Nick from USV here -- we built Quackpad to help folks across our large Slack network (~1000 people across 60 companies) collaborate more easily on shared docs. Quackpad is a very simple collaborative document tool for Slack teams. More here. Enjoy!
Nice work, @nickgrossman and @br_ttany. One thought: it's unclear how the product's used and what it looks like. Perhaps you can provide images (better yet, short animated GIF demos) of the actual product.
@rrhoover yeah great idea, thanks
@nickgrossman, @br_ttany, what do you think about the Google Drive (Docs) integration in Slack?
Also, it is not clear to me how this is different from Slack integration with Google Doc? I can still do doc collaboration in GD, and publish that to Slack Channel?
@darwinl but not if everyone in your slack channel doesn't have permissions on the gdoc -- in our case, it's a huge and varied (and ever changing) group -- so we needed something that would be set at the group level
@nickgrossman @darwinl can you give us a use case or 2 of when this is necessary? i never had any issue with Gdocs and permissions
I like the idea, would love to have the info appear in a channel on Slack or something though. Feels weird that I don't see anything in Slack once I've integrated this tool with it.