AI writing assistant for teams ✍⭐

Qordoba is the easiest way to help everyone on your team write well and on message. By creating writing styleguides in Qordoba, teams can write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice, wherever and whatever they write.
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Hello PH community!😽 I’m May, co-founder of Qordoba. So excited to be launching something here for the first time. For YEARS I have felt like a PH lurker, never brave enough to share what I was working on. I have so admired makers’ courage to put things out there, and now it’s our turn.💪 Thank you for building such a safe and welcoming community. So, ⭐HOW DID WE GET HERE!⭐ Like many people, we were initially building something else. In that journey, we tried dozens of different versions of positioning and messaging in our quest for product market fit. We didn’t ultimately find it, but did find a problem that we encountered over and over: frequently, people at Qordoba were talking about the product in a different way, using different words to describe our value and what we do. It is hard to come up with a message that sticks in your customer’s brain — one that is differentiated enough from your competitors that after talking to you they can remember what’s different about YOU. And these messages come down to saying the same thing, the same way, every time. Then there is the minutiae, tiny but important for 🤓credibility 🤓with potential customers: emails you send to prospects always being well-written, customer support ticket responses always to the point, and a consistent formatting and writing style across all the things that a customer would read from you. This is our mission, to help companies communicate better with their customers and potential customers. 💦The Solution So, what can Qordoba do today? Content control freaks, we got you. Writing Styleguide: ✅Hundreds of variations to customize your writing style, from date formats to semicolons to the Oxford comma. Have no idea wtf that is? Don’t fret; use the Qordoba default house style, which is optimized for clear and concise writing for the web and technology products. ✅The ability to customize the look and feel of your styleguide and publish it on your own domain. Terminology: ✅Define the everyday terms you use in your company. ✅Define the terms that are 🚫banned — either because they're deprecated or because a competitor has used them to death. ✅Create Common Mistakes rules: automatic corrections to the phrases that your team confuses most often. What ELSE we check your content for: ✅Clarity ✅Brevity ✅Readability ✅Gender bias ✅Toxicity ✅Plagiarism ✅Grammar and spelling 💘 Extra thanks to: @chrismessina for hunting us! Have loved your product feedback and encouragement along the way. 🌹 Special offer for the PH community 50% off your first year with us if you upgrade to a paid annual plan! Really looking forward to your comments and feedback — we’re just getting started and your feedback is a 🎁. Write soon, May
Great alternative to Grammarly for companies.
Fantastic tool!
Haha, nicely spotted @niklaspivic666. Still, this product aims to solve a problem that virtually every team has. I wish I had this five years ago. Looking forward to using this!
@j_vanderburgt There is absolutely use for this product; I wish writing were completely automatised, and I would adore to see details on exactly how AI would be used to define 'your specialized version' of style, as the website mentions, among other things. I wish the makers of this product all the best in their endeavours.
Love what you're doing @mayhabib + team! In my mind, Qordoba helps the owners of the style guide extend themselves. Let's face it—so many people write on behalf of the company publicly these days. Getting consistency is one of the goals of a design system. You can help us get there with words. Random thought—this would make for a great Figma plugin 🙃
@kunalslab Figma in the works! As of today, we've got: ✅Qordoba web appGDocs extensionChrome extension ✅Word plugin