Queue management system that improves visitor experiences.

Qminder is a queue management and customer experience system. We replace sign-in sheets and take-a-number systems with an iPad based system, where visitors type in their name. This allows the business to offer them personalized service and gather data for Service Intelligence.

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Hi Product Hunt! I am Hyun Lee, Growth Manager at Qminder. Qminder is a SaaS that helps businesses manage visitors and staff at physical locations. By having visitors self sign-in by name, the service staff are able to provide exceptional, personal customer service. For the PH'ers who are in an on-demand startup - want to reach unicorn status? Why not follow the footsteps of some our clients, who are the biggest ride-sharing companies in the world? - Visitor self sign-in via iPad (allows visitors to be "in service" instead of anxiously waiting in line). - Queue status shown on via Apple TV (no more anxiety of waiting/unknown), or get notified via SMS. - Staff manages the waiting line with a dashboard (and can manage SMS chat straight from Qminder). - Staff greets visitors by name and provides personal experience. - All data (waiting time, service time, visitor data, etc.) is saved to enhance existing processes. - APIs allow for building on existing stack. We know that the PH community is more "digital" and startup-oriented, so maybe you'd find more value from this page: https://www.qminder.com/queueing... We're extending the free trial period for the PH community - reach me at hyun at qminder.com :)
@hyunlee Hi Hyun, dropping you a note. Look forward to your response.
Another sweet product from Estonia! Great work guys!
@mert_celik Thank you for the kind words. :) We knew we had something interesting at our hand when big names like Hospital Corporation of Americ a and Johns Hopkins adopted Qminder. Along with retailers of all the biggest telcos in the states ( AT&T, Sprint, Verizon ) ...but the love, traction, and growth from and together with the ride-sharing companies has been extra interesting to us. Hoping to reach and help some of the up-and-comer's via ProductHunt now as well ;)
Hi, I'm Siim, CTO of Qminder. When you would be interested in connecting Qminder with your CRM, BI or other with our robust API, I'm here to help you. I think every modern product should come with a robust API so one could easily connect it to their existing fleet of products. Our Restful API, Webhooks and WebSocket based events offer all of that. I'm also happy to share details how we created a secure scalable system in the AWS cloud. It's a big step forward from having an unreliable server in every branch of the company.
Have used your service here locally but can you please explain more how can I show line information on TV? Also have you thought about checking-in before opening time or on specific time slot? Could be deal breaking options. Go Estonia! You Rock!
@lismanis Thanks for the first questions :) The TV part of the system, showing the waiting line status, is based on AppleTV app. Super simple to get, connects with any TV and looks great. More detailed instructions seen here: http://support.qminder.com/tv/se...
@lismanis and the second question about signing in visitor before they arrive and before opening. Basically a booking system. - Sure we have thought about it, ran some tests and built prototypes even. What we found was, that people tend to be late, cancel and service at the site can take more or less time than expected. All in all making it an inefficient system. We drew the line there and chose not to go into the booking space for now and focus on only one thing and to do it as best as we can, and that is queue management for walk-ins visitors. Furthermore, I wrote a blog post about Appointments vs Walk-In's a while back: https://www.qminder.com/appointm... There are so many booking and calendar systems out there. Qminder can be used with these side by side or even connecting them via our API.
Hi Product Hunt! I'm founder of Qminder and developer of iOS and tvOS apps. You can ask me any questions (also technical ones) about these platforms and I will personally help you. Thanks!
@kristaps_grinbergs Aw-shucks. no questions yet. I told you we should have adopted that cat to make unique qminder-cat-gifs for Product Hunt :P